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Should Girls Be Allowed In The Boy Scouts?

by Bradley Matthews

The Boy Scouts of America have made headlines with their controversial decision to allow girls into their troops. Is this a good move? Vote in our CBC reader poll below!

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Should girls be allowed in the Boy Scouts?

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  1. Diane Kelly

    This is the usual gender meshing of the left. I got my period in girl scouts. I was glad no boys were around!!! And when boys deal with puberty they don’t want girls to bare witness to their every move. Separate but equal. The scouts should be separated by gender. Leave it alone.

    October 17, 2017,3:07 pm

  2. Denise Millet

    If the Girl scouts need updating then do it!! No reason to upset the “BOY” scouts! Come on. Can boys have any “male” space? I believe this is a purposeful ploy to confuse male gender . Just stop already!

    October 16, 2017,11:58 am

  3. Laura G. Holmes

    DebraKer, I love watching people insult a community of people just because they can. Wow, you must feel so much better now that you got your daily dose of discriminatory bigotry off your chest. You are respectable in a despicable kind of way. LOL

    October 15, 2017,10:18 pm

  4. Tara

    Yes girls should be allowed to be in boy scouts some girls don’t like girl scouts my daughter used to be in girls scouts and she hated it they have girly craft things and girly parties to and she hate it she hate girly stuff she rather play in dirt than doing girl stuff she mostly a Tom boy that ain’t afraid to get dirty she even plays football with her cousin’s outside she is not like these other girls saying oh my god I broke a nail or my hair is a mess cuz she don’t care hair is a mess and she hate nail polish and make up too she said who want to wear that junk on there beautiful skin when they already have beautiful skin who want to ruin there skin with that stuff on there face not me I have beautiful skin I don’t need to wear that yucky stuff on my face she quote

    October 15, 2017,12:22 pm

  5. DebraKer

    Let the LGBT community have their own Scouts. No one will tell them they can’t. Let girls be girls and boys be boys. Not rocket science. Seems like they want to continue to hid behind an organization that the dont FIT in!!

    October 15, 2017,6:02 am

  6. DebraKer

    There is a reason they are called Boy Scouts. The same as Girl Scouts. Can any one give Good Reason why they should let girls join???? Makes no since to me. God made each for a reason. Only time the should be one is in marriage. 😳Which opens another can of worms.

    October 15, 2017,5:50 am

  7. James A.

    Young males, the ages of Cub Scouts upward enjoy an experience of being male. If lead by mature Scoutmasters, the process of growing up as a genuine male creates another generation of caring and loving and strong young men. The feminization of contemporary culture in the U.S. will not produce either strong males or strong females. Feminization leaves both sexes confused and I suspect that is the point they planners wish to achieve.

    October 15, 2017,5:07 am

  8. Jeanette

    What happened to majority rules?

    October 14, 2017,7:40 pm

  9. Johnnie McHan

    It is wrong…improve Girl Scout teachings with a female equivalent of Eagle Scout but life lessons are different! This is why America is going swiftly to Hell! God did not make unisex humans..rather….man and woman…to be mates for life and produce offspring. To do otherwise is carnal sin!

    October 14, 2017,2:35 pm

  10. Harry McCullough

    All it amounts to is there will be camping and fishing with the girl scouts.They can sell more cookies that way.After all! They let queers in!

    October 14, 2017,12:40 pm

  11. Phil Johnson

    I am left of center as an independent, a Catholic and a firm believer that both government and corporations are here to serve their respective constituents. I see this move as creeping incrementalism, similar to the one that the Weinstein flap exposed in Hollywood, that exemplifies the hypocrisy that too much money and power corrupts even well-intentioned people and institutions. This is going beyond the pale.

    October 14, 2017,12:07 pm

  12. charlene sullins

    The boys will be rapeing the girls!

    October 14, 2017,9:47 am

  13. Patricia

    I don’t think that girls should be allowed into the Boy Scouts. One reason they are girls. Also the Girl Scouts have similar badge steps. It’s up to the leader to introduce what the girls would like to do. I was a troop leader of two groups for ten years. I taught the girls how to build a fire. Put up a tent, some survival skills, how to recognize plants, etc. They liked these th NGOs, but they all leaned toward arts and crafts. There are differences between girls and boys. The girls had no interest in making a boxcar to race. God created the male and female with different roles, in Gods eyes they both held a godly equal standard.

    October 14, 2017,8:25 am

  14. Lorna Bradshaw

    I think the 4% that voted “yes” were most likely Boy Scouts…”Hey, we’re goin’ campin’!! Girls!!

    October 14, 2017,6:48 am

  15. R E

    So here I perceive some mentally deranged types in the form of brenda hatfield and the BSA board of directors. It’s time the conservative majority wake up and put these types in their place.

    October 14, 2017,3:12 am

  16. Patricia

    Something’s are just meant to be left alone. Sometimes it’s just a buddy and guy thing, and sometimes it’s just a girlie girl thing and there’s nothing wrong with that. This thing you push that we have to have everything intertwined with each other is nonsense. Stop trying to twisted up everything you get your hands on and get a life. All you want to do is make everyone think as warped and twisted as you. 😕

    October 14, 2017,2:11 am

  17. Jim

    Change nothing!!! If the reason for girls to join the BS is to learn how to read a compass, build survival structures, etc.then include these things in the GS forum. The BS organization has traditions decades old and beg not to be changed. The next thing to be destroyed will be the name of the BS. This feminist BS is going too far!!!

    October 14, 2017,1:41 am

  18. Bob Uda

    This dumb action will be the death knell to BOTH the BSA and GSA. Our whole society has been screwed up by political correctness (PC), which is a very evil concept. It is no wonder, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” per Dr. Michael Savage.

    October 14, 2017,12:02 am

  19. Samuel Dupree

    Permit me to make one more observation. Why is it time and time again feminists, the Left and Progressives demand, pressure and force all males organizations must admit females, and yet we never the reverse, i.e. the very same crowd never demand all female organizations admit males. So what do we have here: female organizations are left alone, but male only organizations must admit females or else to demonized until they capitulate.

    Hmm, the imposition of the ideology exhibited by feminists, the Left and Progressives all too much remind me what the Nazis did when they came to power to youth organizations in Germany, for example the Boy Scouts.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”- George Santayana.

    October 13, 2017,11:07 pm

  20. Mikaela

    Brenda you are an idiot and one of the biggest problems in the world! I am a woman and I believe in equality, but you see equality is not girls being able to be in the boy scouts or boys being able to be in the girl scouts. It is that everyone has and equal opportunity and they do. Boys have the boy scouts and girls have the girl scouts. If women like you would learn to pull your heads out of your butts rather than shoving them further and further up you could actually make a worth while difference in the world. And for the sake of the new generations I hope that you and others like you will learn to focus on the bigger problems like world hunger and the homeless or unemployed rather than trying to get girls into the boy scouts, which again if you couldnt figure that out by the name, is for boys.

    October 13, 2017,11:06 pm

  21. Brenda Hatfield

    If the boys are becoming sexist pigs, I think girls would be an asset. Maybe change their sexist attitudes, like yours Samuel

    October 13, 2017,10:59 pm

  22. Brenda Hatfield

    And why would allowing girls into the Boy Scouts change that Samuel? It wouldn’t, that’s what. Only your narrow mindedness is the problem here.

    October 13, 2017,10:57 pm

  23. Samuel Dupree

    Ms. Hatfield misses the point. The modernity she is advocating, “get with the times,” in admitting girls into the Boy Scouts that will destroy a program that has for over 100 years developed and grown the character of boys to become men of character, men who take their citizenship obligations serious, men who care about the communities and their country, men of moral conduct and men reverent before God, this is the tragedy.

    If the description I have given here and in my previous post are an anathema to you, name an organization whose mission for over 100 year has been the character building and preparation of boys for manhood? The answer you’ll find is that it’s the Boy Scouts of America.

    October 13, 2017,10:50 pm

  24. Brenda Hatfield

    I think that would be okay also, Wayne, you’re right

    October 13, 2017,10:26 pm

  25. Wayne Allen

    Can boys join the girl scouts after all fair is fair

    October 13, 2017,10:16 pm

  26. Brenda Hatfield

    Why is it a tragedy Samuel Dupree? You are a dinosaur who needs to GROW UP and get with the times.

    October 13, 2017,10:06 pm

  27. Brenda Hatfield

    Charles, are you a sexist? I think so. Get with modern times folks. And this is a stupid thing to vote upon, like all of your ridiculous polls. Who cares anyway. Only sexist men and they can fuck themselves. Sorry for the bluntness, but the sexist men in this country deserve it

    October 13, 2017,10:04 pm

  28. charles

    Boys Scouts are for Boys. End of conversation. Let the Perverts and mentally ill form their own Scout organization.

    October 13, 2017,9:40 pm

  29. Samuel Dupree

    The Boy Scouts of America was the last place in country where the character of young boys, adolescent males and young adult males could grow and be developed into responsible men who take brotherhood, duty to their service to community, service and duty to country, patriotism, their citizenship obligations, moral conduct and reverence to God seriously. I know this is true because I was once a Boy Scout and was inducted into the Order of the Arrow, and I can tell you without hesitation that at age 64, these things that the Boy Scouts instilled in me still resonate with me today.

    As I observe this tragedy, I am reminded of the question the Psalmist asked a long time ago: “If the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” – Psalms 11:3 (ESV). Applied to this situation, where a boy now to where his character can be developed and prepared for manhood?

    Whether folks like it or not, it is the men that a country produces that determines its destiny. To all those who have had a hand in bringing this disaster about, future generation will curse you for taking another step to turning this nation into a place unfit to live in.

    October 13, 2017,9:27 pm

  30. Patricia

    Please explain to me why a few adults with an identity crisis are allowed to push their agenda onto our young boys and girls?

    Its hard enough to be an adolescent in front of your own sex now you’ll be forced to engage activities with the opposite sex as well.

    If it was competition the girls wanted then make their rules and laws harder to follow.

    Leave the BSA and GSA alone!
    Stop trying to fix what
    ” ain’t broke”!

    October 13, 2017,8:38 pm

  31. Judy Bowles

    When I was younger we had the Pioneer girls. I think that was what they were called. May be off.

    October 13, 2017,8:24 pm

  32. Judy Bowles

    Where are the folks out there who are in places of authority not stopping this
    We should be out there, parents, grandparents, relatives demanding that this behavior be stopped.
    The people who are encouraging this sinful behavior do not seem to care what we think.
    We need to stand for our kids, their being robbed.

    October 13, 2017,8:21 pm

  33. Judy Bowles

    TIm OLeary
    Those are my thoughts also
    Shame on these adults who encourage this nonsense.

    October 13, 2017,8:15 pm

  34. Tim OLeary

    This kind of crap is destroying our children. They can’t figure out what sex they are, what color they are, where they come from and can’t even handle basic reality. No wonder they are such wimpy marshmallows. God help them. The adults that are encouraging this nonsense should be arrested and charged with child abuse. Either we stand up or we watch these derelicts destroy our children and their futures. How will they ever cope with the evil bombarding us from the rest of the world?

    October 13, 2017,6:43 pm

  35. Rebecca

    Boys are boys and girls are girls. The God I worship made His children this way. Just as boys do not belong in Girl Scouts girls do not belong in Boy Scouts. Boys and girls bond differently and troop meetings and campouts and special events are together not separate. Earning merit badges will have common time.
    The members of the board that unanimously voted for this, each needs their head examined.
    The BSA’s program works and has created and supported the framework for thise earning the strong respctful reputation of Eagle Scout rank, which goes without question. It has been, for 100 years, instantly admired by the general public. Those who have earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout deserve acknowledgement for it. If the Girl Scouts are jealous then too bad, make a better program. I was a Girl Scout and had a great time! Did a ton of different things and went to many camp outs . But ever since Girl Scouts took ‘God’ out of their promise, it never was the same and suffered membership as a result. The Boy scouting program has suffered from allowing gays to join. I wonder how many of the board members are Eagle Scouts?
    Do not fix what is not broken! This is a very sad turning point for the organization and I am deeply concerned it will never be looked at with the same level of respect and admiration. This was not well thought out for our future young males. They have needs and boys need places like the BSA classic program, morally straight boys. Overtime there will be less strong male leadership in our communities.
    But if we yell loud enough back we certainly do not have to settle for this. Fight back to reverse this decision! Seriously, do it! Why accept it and be complacent about something a large majority of citizens are angry about?
    Disgusted with those responsible for allowing girls to be in Boy Scouts. I will no longer donate to them, until this is completely revoked.
    There is going to be a major backlash. Sad ☹️
    The current poll says 97% no to allowing girls. Obvious there!

    October 13, 2017,6:12 pm


    No! That’s why they’re called BOY scouts!

    October 13, 2017,5:52 pm

  37. Janet Walker

    Girl Scouts is for girls. Boy Scouts for boys. It needs to stay that way. Girls in the Boy Scouts is ridiculous!!!!!!

    October 13, 2017,5:44 pm

  38. Mike Grunewald

    I can’t support any of this SHAME on the Leadership

    October 13, 2017,5:29 pm

  39. Marvin Schulgen

    I haven’t seen any rush by the Boy Scout parents to force the Girl
    Scouts to allow their sons to join the Girl Scouts!? What are we missing?

    October 13, 2017,5:19 pm

  40. Marvin Schulgen

    Kristine Aaron – Boy Scouts ARE taught to do community service. That’s covered by the part of the Scout Law which states that a scout is “… helpful & friendly …”. It’s also covered by the instruction to “do a good turn daily”! These are basic values that are emphasized in the Boy Scout program. It’s also em[phasized on every campout, each of which ends with the chore of “policing”, or cleaning up, the campsite and the surrounding area, leaving the area AT LEAST as clean as it was at the beginning of the campout! They’re taught to clean up EVERYTHING that doesn’t belong in the area, whether it’s their own trash or someone else’s.

    October 13, 2017,5:14 pm

  41. mark

    Trail Life USA should be looking pretty inviting to the parents of boys who are in the Scouts

    October 13, 2017,5:12 pm

  42. Susan Smith

    Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts should remain separate you are just asking for trouble mixing the two

    October 13, 2017,5:08 pm

  43. Marvin Schulgen

    Absolutely not! As a retired Scoutmaster and Boy Scout Leader for many years I can’t concieve of trying to manage a mixed group on an extended campout or a high adventure trip. The Girl Scouts exists so that the young women can get similar experiences in their own way and at their own pace. They don’t need to join the Boy Scouts in order to learn the Scout Oath or to be Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean & reverent! If they have decent, trained leaders, they can do all the same things the Boy Scouts do without the added problems of doing them in a mixed setting. Throwing them together at that age creates the greatest impediment to boys staying in scouting through their teen years – “the lure of fumes! – exhaust fumes and per-fumes!” Their is nothing to gain by throwing the boys and girls together in scouting, and everything to lose! This would be the end of Boy Scouting for no good reason (unless that’s the goal of those promoting such a union)!

    October 13, 2017,4:58 pm

  44. John Rupp

    I made Eagle Scout in 1957, No girls should be in boy scouts just the same as boys being in girl scouts. they should remain in separate groups, PERIOD.

    October 13, 2017,4:54 pm

  45. Bill Winch

    What’s next gay scouts for LGBT! Another Hollywood agenda!

    October 13, 2017,4:50 pm

  46. Sarah

    Let’s just make it easier and give Girl Scouts same recognization as the Boy Scouts. I am disgusted that they want to include Girls in Boy Scouts. Problem solved. I’m sick of history being erased.

    October 13, 2017,4:49 pm

  47. James Higginbotham

    Boys and Girls NEED their own groups.

    October 13, 2017,4:49 pm

  48. Claire Blanchette

    We have Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. No need to put them together. If the curriculum is in question, change that!!

    October 13, 2017,4:44 pm

  49. mj


    October 13, 2017,4:41 pm

  50. Sheila

    As a women, all this feminist garbage offends me. All these feminists do is complain and want to attack men for everything. Women were made different for a reason. I wish they would stop ruining it for the rest of us normal women. I guess the “Boy Scouts” better think of a new title. I mean, isn’t it called BOY SCOUTS for a reason? All I can say is wow!

    October 13, 2017,4:32 pm

  51. Judy Castellion

    Boy Scouts are for the boys and the Girl Scouts are for the girls!

    October 13, 2017,4:32 pm

  52. David Wilson

    This is another way for the ALT LEFTIST COMMUNIST/SOCIALISTS to divide, stop nationalism, freedom to be different, and to have male and females who are in some ways very different with different needs and talents.

    October 13, 2017,4:31 pm

  53. Elaine Long

    Why do people need to change the rules just for the sake of change? There are
    clubs for girls, and if not, state a club or organization of your own. It is such a stupid thing. Maybe we should use a football to play basketball. It has never been tried!

    October 13, 2017,4:27 pm

  54. MJB

    If it is wholesome and good and teaches responsibility and good morals then the left wing loons want to kill it.

    October 13, 2017,4:25 pm

  55. Jacob

    Pussyfied by the leftards to let a butch push her daughter into gender neutral to me is child abuse!

    October 13, 2017,4:24 pm

  56. MJB

    Fire the board of the BSA now!

    October 13, 2017,4:24 pm

  57. Robert DeCoste

    Girls talk big, play up to boys, then complain when boys respond. Let’s face it humans have mating instincts. They need to be controlled. A good way,is separating them, from temptations.
    I hate to hear, girls screaming of being molested.

    October 13, 2017,4:18 pm

  58. Carole Gaerte

    Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

    October 13, 2017,4:17 pm

  59. Robert

    Young boys need to be with other young men.
    Learn what it is to be a boy.
    Not thrown in with a bunch of girls to make them more self conscious or become femmes. That’s why they have a girl scouts. I see nothing but trouble for them in the future.
    I wouldn’t let my kid’s join now.

    October 13, 2017,4:11 pm

  60. Mike Connelly

    Oh sure! Let the girls join the Boy Scouts and the boys join the Girl Scouts! Then both could have summer camp sleepovers that are coed! Makes sense to me, NOT!

    October 13, 2017,4:09 pm

  61. Ronald Lewis

    This is a Moronic idea. It is called Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and not Scouts of America. Stop placating to the idiots.

    October 13, 2017,4:01 pm

  62. Cookie

    More politically correct and gender neutral b.s. !!!

    October 13, 2017,3:54 pm

  63. Kristine Aaron

    Boy scouts should learn to do service in their communities. Examples would be cleanup for people who are unable to do it themselves; cleanup in areas of their town/city which are otherwise blights; other forms of community service which might be designated as appropriate by their community leaders. Selling cookies is just too girly for Boy Scouts. They need to be learning how to be leaders in their community. Girls can be leaders also, but they can also learn how to raise funds to support projects glocally.

    October 13, 2017,2:55 pm

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