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11 Virtues Biblical Widows Have Taught Us All

by Aryssa Damron

Widowhood is a tragic, tough burden for any person to bear, from Biblical times to the modern day. But such life experiences can also be a source of virtue and inner strength, as exemplified by the many widows featured in the Old and New Testaments.

In her new book, Not Alone: 11 Inspiring Stories of Courageous Widows from the Bible, Miriam Neff, of the nonprofit Widow Connection, explores how to overcome anything that is thrown at us through God.  Here are 11 Virtues Biblical Widows Have Taught Us All!


  1. Ron Arrington

    The Bible is a political book written by imperfect corrupt man hundreds of years after Christ. It’s teachings keeps the far religious right in the Middle Ages .

    November 9, 2017,12:24 am

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