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Here’s What The Lying Media Won’t Tell You About Jobs

by Bradley Matthews

The lying media constantly tries to hide Trump’s accomplishments, but Laura Ingraham has the truth! On her program, Ingraham explained that “Though the media has been loathe to report this fact, 2017 has been a banner year for the U.S. economy. An incredible comeback from President Obama’s anemic non-recovery recovery… As unemployment tumbles, wage growth among factory workers, drivers, and builders, now exceeds 4%.”

Watch Ingraham’s full comments below! To comment yourself, sign up as a CBC Insider HERE.


  1. Forrest

    Someone on a weekly or at least monthly basis needs to make note of the presidents administrations accomplishments Laura would be great for that someone needs to be patting this President on the back thank you God for our President

    November 21, 2017,6:53 pm

  2. Lloyd Olson

    A bit unreal some of our media prints 95%negative remarks about President Trump. Do they understand there helping no one. The Clinton’s are finished, do we put Billy Bob in Jail for past events with women, take Hillary with him for , pick a subject,
    Or, do we build something,, we have a life time special prosecutors, doing what, we have a Bay of Pigs, as just one example, and say, Oh, the Russians put money on.Facebook,
    About like, after Jack & Bobby tried to kill Castro, Both were shot.
    Golly gee.Build something may be better than chasing dead horses

    November 21, 2017,6:11 pm

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