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See How Trump Reacted To Roy Moore’s Election Loss

by Bradley Matthews

Judge Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate election to pro-choice Democrat Doug Jones. See how Pres. Trump reacted in his tweet below!

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  1. Via Esq

    Illegal voting!!!!!

    1) Convicted felons! We need a recount of the recently registered (registered days before the election) convicted felons ballots. Convicted felons were allowed to vote in order to give Jones more votes.

    2) Mississippi, Tennessee residents being allowed to vote in Alabama.

    3) Illegal Aliens, Mexican citizens being allowed to vote in Alabama.

    December 13, 2017,7:23 pm

  2. Fran Tatsch

    Great review of the facts Stan. You are directly on target.
    We Conservatives will need to stoop to even the playing field to beat the Progressive Left at their own game.
    They have laid out the rules now lets Unite and go, fight, WIN🇺🇸MAGA MASA MAAA

    December 13, 2017,7:04 pm

  3. stan

    Who is the blame for Alabama election disaster? I am sure that we will have all kinds of faults here, but lets look at the New Tactics of the liberals first! The left liberals have really only just started their campaign against conservatives and by all means had the help of the establishment recognized as the SWAMP. What the people of Alabama failed to see, was that nothing had any substance proven beyond a shadow of doubt. Every one seems to forget that people are innocent till proven guilty, and the liberal press and lies that come from every sort of news outlets has now found a new tactic that works for the future. Maybe this was a test ground to come after our president? Democrats and Republicans both have disdain for Trump, but the bottom line is that they have now proven that every candidate is now open to this kind of war on any one that does not suite their agenda. The people of Alabama were duped. Maybe Judge Moore was guilty, but no one will ever know, because the left found its new tactic to go after any one, including Trump with this extremely hot issue. How many people have been prosecuted with false allegations(teachers) just to be vindicated after some teen admits lies. I am sure that there are as many innocent and guilty in the world of opinion, but how can any man run for office with this tactic now available? This is just another ploy uncovered in the the book, THE BIG LIE! I only wish that these so called people that lie can be prosecuted if indeed they lied. Just like the evidence against Bill O’Reilly seems to be hot air, it is hard to prove and more importantly it is now the new tactic of the left to remove people from positions that disagree with the agenda. I once heard a young lady say that to get noticed by men, she needs to appear, first attractive, and secondly exploit men’s desires, and last but least flaunt or flirt with every means available. It is human that men look and secondly if available want to date women whom are exploit these desires. I can understand if a woman looks beautiful and men ask her out and she says no, then that should be the end of his interest. However, some will feel offended, some will feel great. Does it only becomes sexual misconduct if the man refuses to accept the answer, or if she says yes and then the man never calls? I DO THINK THAT TRUMP WILL BE THE NEXT HUGE POLITICIAN IN THE SIGHTS OF THE DEMOCRATS. Maybe this was what all these allegations are about, but Trump better turn the dogs lose with his legal team, because this was the beginning of the opening the Left will exploit. Men have to now be more aware than ever how to handle themselves in work, and social events, and whom would blame them if they just refuse to date.

    December 13, 2017,5:11 pm

  4. Carol P Gilmore

    I agree totally. Alabamians remember Roy Moore was removed from the bench twice for defying a court order. That made him a criminal. With the scandal setup it did cause most voters on the fence to jump to the other side or write in a candidate. Luther Strange would have at least had a better chance to beat Jones. Trump was right in the first place. Roy Moore had little chance of being elected.

    December 13, 2017,4:39 pm

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