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Episode #1 – Conservative Book Club Podcast: A Show Featuring Your Favorite Conservative Authors, Books, and Films

Welcome to the first episode of the Conservative Book Club Podcast!  For those visiting us for the first time, our weekly podcasts will be a candid conversation about books, movies, culture, and politics, with your host Christopher Malagisi, Editor in Chief of the Conservative Book Club.  If you like what you hear, subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher, and leave a review too!

So what is the Conservative Book Club?  The Conservative Book Club is the largest political book club in the country, with over 750K members nationwide!  If you love conservative books and authors, we’re your one-stop-shop!  While the New York Times continues its liberal bias to misrepresent or misrank conservative books, you can rely on the Conservative Book Club to give conservative books and authors a fair shake each and every week.

Each week on our podcast, we’ll be interviewing the top conservative authors in the country!  We’ve interviewed over 200 authors and provide you with unfiltered interviews about books you care about, and allow the authors an opportunity to talk about their books, ideas, and their writing process, without the filter of the mainstream media.  We also interview political and cultural leaders and influencers, and from time to time, we interview you – our CBC members from across the country.

We’ll also provide you with thoughtful political and cultural commentary on the things you care about, and not just rants, or surface level stories, but we dig deeper and provide thoughtful reflections on the news and the times.   Also, we have a robust movie review section where you can also get conservative analysis of films out now or coming soon.  It’s about time we get more film analysis from a conservative perspective, don’t you think!?

We also have a Conservative Book Club Bestseller List we put together every week!  We’ve contracted with Neilson BookScan – the largest book selling aggregator in the country, to provide us the top selling conservative books every week, to help you know what’s hot and what’s really selling out there.  And each week, usually on Friday mornings, we announce the Conservative Book Bestseller List on The Mike Gallagher Radio Show, who has over 7M listeners each week!

You should also check out our website as we have over 1,500 conservative books in our inventory with reviews and summations, and over 1,100 author profiles of your favorite authors, their books, and related articles about their happenings.

Make sure to also check out our hilarious Top 10 Lists, CBC Daily News, polls, and notable quotes section on our website, and sign up to become a CBC Insider on our homepage to receive our special daily Conservative Book Club e-newsletter, where we keep you posted on all the latest and greatest coming out in conservative publishing.  Also, check out our very active Facebook and Twitter pages too, where we now have over half a million followers!

Thanks for tuning in to the Conservative Book Club Podcast, and feel free to listen to any episode!  If you like what you hear, subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher, and leave a review too.  Thank you again!

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