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10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Conservative Book

So you’ve spent months, maybe even years, writing a book with a conservative slant, impatiently waiting for the end of the printing process and you have your book in hand. Now what? You feel like the hardest part—writing the book—is behind you, but the truth is, you’re just getting started. Now it’s time to start promoting your book to the masses so you can start selling!

To help you along this journey, here are 10 things you can do to promote your conservative book:

1. Create a personal brand/website

Your authenticity as an expert is just as important as the content of your book. To demonstrate that your opinion matters, you should create a website where you can build your image as it pertains to your book. On your website, you should include your bio, personal accolades, and press clippings. You should also consider starting a blog on your website so you can continue commenting on current topics as they relate to your book.

2. Find and understand your audience

Who are the people who will be most interested in purchasing your book? This is hopefully a question you asked yourself while you were drafting your book proposal, but now you have to take this a step further and visualize the people who want to buy your book. What do they read? Where do they shop? Do they belong to certain professional, social, or hobby groups? Being able to identify your target audience is the most important part of successfully promoting your book.

If you’ve budgeted for marketing, consider working with groups who have already established an email list with your target audience. For example, the Conservative Book Club is the largest book club in the nation for conservatives with an email list full of voracious readers of conservative content. If you’ve published a book that has a conservative slant, the Conservative Book Club would be a great place to market your book because it has found an audience that fits your bill.

3. Make sure you upload and properly categorize your book on Amazon

Uploading your book to Amazon should be a priority, but be sure to properly categorize your book. When you’re setting up your book, you need to select a BISAC (Book Industry Standards and Communications) code. You will also be prompted to select keywords which will encourage Amazon to show your book when certain searches are made.

4. Get reviews on Amazon

When your book is available for purchase, get friends to buy copies on Amazon so they can leave “verified purchase” reviews. Books with more reviews will appear higher in Amazon and Google searches. Plus, most people will read book reviews before purchasing so you’ll want to have a bunch of positive reviews listed which can tip the scale in your favor.

5. Promote your book to local outlets and papers

Once you have your book, start reaching out to groups that would be most interested in hearing about you and your book. There are two groups you should immediately target: 1) Your local outlets, and 2) your book’s target audience. Many regional newspapers would be interested in featuring local publishers, using the “local angle.” You also want to reach out to groups that would be most interested in what you have to say, for example, a book about the history of the 2nd Amendment would be a great fit in an NRA magazine.

6. Create a Goodreads book giveaway

There’s no better way to create buzz about your book than enticing avid readers with a free copy. Goodreads, a social media site for book fans, gives the authors the opportunity to set up giveaways for their books which translates to exposure to many readers. The one downside is you need to pay a $119 entry fee to enter the giveaway. Considering the popularity of the site, this may be a worthy investment.

7. Attend trade shows and conferences related to your brand

Trade shows and conferences are a great way to meet people who have the same interests as you! Make sure you make business cards or small flyers that include your book cover and your contact info so you can pass it along to people. You may even want to carry a few copies of your book as well, just in case.

8. Send review copies to bloggers

Getting your book reviewed by the New York Times is no easy feat, but you should absolutely send copies of your book to reporters or bloggers who are local and/or would be interested in your book. Ask them to review the book and you can take snippets of those interviews and add them to your Amazon page or promote it on social media.

9. Use social media/hashtags

Use social media to your benefit! Become a part of the Twitter conversation by using hashtags and be sure to have a link to your book in your bio section. You should also tweet at groups or people who are heavy influencers in your book topic.

If you can afford to spend money in advertising, you should consider posting ads on Facebook and targeting audiences that would be most interested in the topic. It’s a simple way to reach a wide audience and Google/Facebook do the work for you.

10. Offer to write freelance articles about your topic of interest

Considering you wrote an entire book about a certain topic, you can probably call yourself an expert on it! Find publications that would discuss the subject of your book and pitch articles to them as a freelance writer. Make sure that you find a way to mention your book, either in the article or in your bio.


This article is provided by the Conservative Book Club, which has over 750,000 members nationwide!  If you are an author interested in promoting your book in front of a politically conservative audience, please contact for more information. 

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