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Fox News Interviews “Trust Betrayed” Author, Scott Taylor About Iran & ISIS

Author Scott Taylor was interviewed the other day on Fox News about ISIS and Iran about the worsening situation, warning about the administration’s potential bad deal with Iran.  Just the other week, Neil Cavuto also referenced Taylor’s book saying, “If this doesn’t become a movie, I don’t know what does.”

The book is about ex-Navy SEAL sniper Scott Taylor, who served his country for eight years. Taylor finally came home after he was injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Years later, he became outraged when he discovered that the Obama administration was leaking sensitive intelligence information for political gain. Now Scott Taylor is speaking out. Having served as a sniper in the same region of Iraq as American Sniper author Chris Kyle, Taylor knows first-hand how high the stakes are. From the bungling of Benghazi to the rise of ISIS, Taylor believes the White House has betrayed the trust of American forces and believes they should be held accountable.

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