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The America We Deserve: A Conservative’s Guide to Taking Back Our Republic

Publisher: Center Street Books • Sept. 10, 2019 • 256 pages
This is not the America we deserve.

The deep state bureaucracy will stop at nothing to undermine the conservative agenda – even when that’s the agenda chosen by the American voter. The radical left relentlessly forces its liberal agenda on the American people. The Republican Majority in both Houses of Congress has proven itself incompetent – both feckless in its conviction and ineffective in accomplishing even the slightest reforms. The deck seems stacked against us. It is.

We deserve better.

Our generation has watched the conservative agenda die by a thousand cuts: Failure to repeal ObamaCare, refusal to tackle entitlement reform, continued funding for the abortion behemoth Planned Parenthood, budget bickering that leads to continued fiscal irresponsibility, and a national debt that is crushing our childrens’ future.

The so-called “progressives” succeed in forcing their leftist agenda on the American people, while the Republican Majority we elected refuses to understand or implement such a “big picture” approach. Instead, it continuously snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, refusing to compromise with even its own members to secure even the smallest advances.

We deserve politicians who keep their promises. Aren’t their promises the reason we took the trouble to go to the polls to vote for them? The only way to force action and hold our elected officials accountable is to know the issues and engage the political process. But it’s more than just fulfilling our civic duty at the ballot box. It’s being actively engaged in public discourse in between elections. Battles – important battles – are won far more often in the court of public opinion than in any federal courtroom. These battles affect our lives every single day.

If we allow broken political promises, apolitical apathy, and the virus of bureaucratic deception to continue to erode the conservative agenda we chose, we could lose our America.

It’s time to fight back for the America we deserve. It is really and truly up to us.

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