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The Best of Burke: Selected Writings and Speeches of Edmund Burke

Author: Edmund Burke
Publisher: Gateway Editions • 1999 • 702 pages
The Best of Burke

No conservative library is complete without the thought of Edmund Burke, the founder of modern conservatism. This is the most comprehensive anthology of his works and speeches. Peter J. Stanlis, professor of humanities emeritus at Rockford College, has taken care to preserve the beauty of Burke’s prose while selecting the most essential passages from his numerous writings. Included are:

    • Burke’s defense of the American colonists
    • His advocacy of secure property rights
    • His love of Christianity and Europe’s moral tradition
    • His impassioned jeremiad against the destruction wrought by the French Revolution

Stanlis’s introduction gives important insight into Burke’s early life, education, professional training, literary and political career, prose style, political philosophy, and more.

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