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#DoNotDisturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone to Take Back My Life

Publisher: Broadside Books • Oct. 9, 2018 • 256 pages

Have you ever left your cell phone in an Uber or at a restaurant and gone into instant, full-fledged panic?

Well, then, #DoNotDisturb is for you.

In this timely and fun, entertaining and inspiring book, Jedediah Bila chronicles her chaotic, addicted, confusing, love-hate relationship with – her cell phone. Stepping back to pause from the whirlwind of texting, social media, and an endless sea of apps, Bila questions how our relationships, character, and sanity have suffered from diving head-first into a digital abyss, exploring the toll that tech addiction took on her life. She shares her most personal and embarrassing stories of missteps and mistakes, including some upending, life-altering months swirling in the digitally-enabled double life of her con-man ex-boyfriend, and how a low-tech millennial later stole her heart.

It’s time to put your phone on airplane mode and settle in with a cup of tea and Jedediah Bila’s call-to-arms, #DoNotDisturb. Journey through the catastrophic consequences of too-much-tech, including ménage-a-tech relationships, the perception deception of social media like Instagram, and the one-potato-chip problem of resisting the addictive, hypnotic, slot-machine software designed by Silicon Valley to lure you in. Bila reveals how she switched from an unhealthy, oversaturated diet of tech junk food, to striking just the right balance with technology to let her unplugged, real-life moments take charge. With warm anecdotes and some cold, hard truth, Bila lays out how she kept her eyes focused on the life right in front of her. And how you can too.

In #DoNotDisturb, Jedediah Bila applies the no-nonsense, sincere, common-sense, personal responsibility and accountability approach on which her TV viewers and readers have come to rely, to warn us all that if we don’t stop acting like robots, our very humanity is at stake.

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