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The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament

Author: Joseph Farah
Publisher: WND Books • Oct. 8, 2018 • 384 pages

Can the Gospel really be found in every book of the Old Testament? Yes, it can in all 39 books, with a chapter devoted to each.

While other books have focused on foreshadows and glimpses of Messiah Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures, Joseph Farah set out to find the Good News of redemption, repentance, restoration and resurrection. The result is a great resource for pastoral sermons, a reference for group Bible studies, a re-introduction to the everlasting relevance of the Old Testament to all Christians, as well as a breezy, non-scholarly read that will inspire and reinvigorate your faith in the miraculous nature of God s Word — one cohesive, integrated message in 66 books written by 40 different people over a period of 1,500 years.

Highly acclaimed by dozens of Christian scholars, leaders and luminaries, The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament is, indeed, a breakthrough Bible book that is destined to be a classic Christian literary work.

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