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Obstruction of Justice

Author: Luke Rosiak
Publisher: Regnery Publishing • Jan. 29, 2019 • 256 pages

It seems like something out of a spy novel: A group of Pakistani hackers posing as IT workers, infiltrating U.S. Congress, and funneling terabytes of data out of the Capitol computer network. But that’s exactly what happened in 2016—and the Deep State cover-up of the brazen crime is even more shocking and troubling than the hacking itself.

In this hard-hitting investigation, reporter Luke Rosiak reveals the stunning results of his deep dive into the mysterious Pakistani IT aides scandal, which received only minimal mainstream media attention. His discoveries, backed by high-level sources, show that Imran Awan pulled off a staggering cybersecurity heist—including highly sensitive intelligence, the private data of key Democratic members of Congress, and the theft of the physical Democratic Caucus server—and yet was protected by Congress, the DOJ, and the FBI for deeply troubling reasons.

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