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What Difference Does It Make?: What Happened to Our Country

Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing • Aug. 6, 2017 • 100 pages

When President Barack Obama was replaced with Donald Trump, the liberals of America wept. Bella T. Altura can see why. When you look back at the eight years of the Obama administration, it was large-scale success after success. Every single American in the country was happy and content. There was no war. There was no terrorism. There was no economic recession. There were jobs for everybody and borders for none.

Wait…None of that actually happened.

In this insightful comparison of Obama’s eight years in office and Trump’s first 114 days, Altura shows the growing discontent many Americans had with the former’s policies. Altura’s intention is to get you thinking about the America you really want. As a scientist involved with medical research, Altura is constantly looking for ways to improve the health and future of others. She quickly realized that the vague, feel-good policies pushed by Obama and Hillary Clinton would lead to even more violence, brutality, and bloodshed. Altura, like many others, would not stand for this.

Her insight shows why the election of 2016 wasn’t so much shocking as inevitable. Americans wanted a change, and now we finally have a chance at a safe and stable future.

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