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Patrick Bishop

Patrick Bishop

Patrick Bishop is the international best-selling author of Fighter Boys and Bomber Boys. Over the last decade Mr. Bishop has emerged as one of Britain’s best-regarded military historians.

As a career war correspondent, Mr. Bishop’s writing is underpinned by his extensive first-hand knowledge of the intricacies of warfare. Throughout his career, Mr. Bishop followed British soldiers on almost all their deployments of the last thirty years from the Falklands to Afghanistan.

Before joining the Telegraph as a senior correspondent, Mr. Bishop cut his teeth at The Evening Standard, the Observer, the Sunday Times and in television as a reporter on BBC Radio 4.

Mr. Bishop is also the author of Wings, 3 Para, The Irish Empire, and The Provisional IRA with Eamonn Mallie.

Mr. Bishop is a London native and attended Wimbledon College and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He currently resides in London.

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