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NYT Bias Apparent in Ann Coulter Book Summary

by Christopher N. Malagisi

By Rebecca Ross

In a not-so-subtle jibe at controversial bestselling author, Ann Coulter, The New York Times once again displayed its anti-conservative bias in a mere nine-word book summary.  Ann Coulter’s newest book about illegal immigration, Adios, America!, made The New York Times Best Sellers List this week for the fourth week, but not without a blatantly biased disclaimer.

Ranked No. 9 on the Hardcover Nonfiction Best Sellers List, the description under her book title reads:

“The political commentator denounces immigrants and their liberal supporters.”

Ann Coulter

It seems The Times conveniently forgot to add the word “illegal” before the word “immigration,” thus making it sound like Ms. Coulter is racist or bigoted against immigrants or legal immigrants.

Coulter’s book reveals real problems that have transpired due to the recent mass illegal immigration and President Obama’s “amnesty” executive order.  The thrust of Coulter’s book was to uncover the truth and horrifying consequences that have resulted from this illegal immigration.

This is, unfortunately, another addition to a long list of examples of bias from The New York Times.  Other instances include a Times article from 2008 attacking General David Petraeus’ commitment to the Iraq War in its “Betray Us” ad, or in its constant barrage of negative reviews of conservative-themed books, when they actually review them.  But even Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor of The Times, stated that The Times has a liberal bias.

The Times claims to be the standard bearer of American journalism, and with that should come a great responsibility.  While most people accept today’s mainstream journalism as having an inherent liberal bias, blatant bias such as this is very problematic.  It is a disservice to serious news consumers and the public forum, in which such important matters are debated.  By conveniently leaving out one operative word, The New York Times once again diminishes its own brand.


  1. Creyken

    Just another time in history when two of our most important constitutional amendments are under plans for removal, or at the least cut to meaningless tribe. You need not think hard to know which two I’m speaking of. Indeed the 1st and 2nd . I can surely speak a volume of Why, How, and the ultimate meaning of loosing these two of our most important amendments will mean and also end what we lovingly hold dear and with out question what makes up the essence of or USA. Fight for the defense of your Constitution with every fiber and strength one can muster.

    January 14, 2016,5:06 pm

  2. Creyken

    Lefties always twist the truth to push or pass their agenda. I for many, many years don’t get how they get away with it. Possibly the newer generations are much more gullible and due to true facts or Not, if it fits with their self made fantasy’s, they will fight to the ends of the earth in defense of it.

    January 14, 2016,4:51 pm

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