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CBC Members Say Trump Won The Debate!

by Bradley Matthews

The 5th GOP debate for the 2016 presidential nomination was held on last night, Dec. 15th. We asked CBC members who they thought won the debate — Donald Trump got over 50% of our member vote! Make sure to check our take on the debate’s winners and losers!











Which candidate do you think won the 5th GOP debate?

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  1. betty

    Trump is who we need to fix our country and make america great again he’s got my vote!!!!

    December 18, 2015,9:12 pm

  2. SkyGunner

    Sounds as if we have a lot of hysterical left-wingers starting to worry and are taking to cheap shots, taking over conservative blogs, etc…. Either that, or there are a lot of conservatives that are mad because it appears so many others are not following the lemming like urge and lock stepping into the leaderships picked candidates. Whatever, leave me alone! You may state why you like this are that candidate, but don’t witch hunt, the dems do enough of that for everyone. We finally get a candidate that can’t be bought, dares the media to do their best and continues, in my opinion, to talk the talk. I believe he can also, ” Walk the Walk”! Let’s not self destruct. Supposedly we are adults that can talk each candidates point and/ or counter- points.

    December 18, 2015,6:57 pm

  3. fontface

    Forget Trump, Cruz, Bush, Paul, and Carson. They have zero chance to win and a vote for them equals a vote for Clinton. Follow William F. Buckley’s advice and nominate the most conservative candidate that can win. All the candidates are conservative except Trump. He is best described as incoherent.

    December 18, 2015,6:07 pm

  4. Rhonda Childers

    No way that Donald Trump won! People are blindly following this man, running on emotion! I also see that people thought Dr. Carson did way better than you guys gave him credit for!

    December 18, 2015,1:29 pm

  5. Gary callaghan

    Donald trump would not beat Hillary. Trump is not a conservative. He can make all the promises he wants but when push comes to shove he will cower just like all establishment republicans do . Personally it will take a conservative like Ted Cruz to beat Hillary. We are going the same route with Trump as we did with McCain and Romney. When will the party learn you cannot run as a liberal democrat and beat a liberal democrat. Reince Priebud is establishment and Trump and Bush and Christie are all Rinos.

    December 16, 2015,11:13 pm

  6. Gene Jumper

    Trump the winner, as always, Trump & Cruz, 2016, you can take that to the bank, that moderator started in on Trump last night, Trump had to shut him up, what is it gonna take for the looney Liberal media too learn that they can’t handel president Donald J.Trump, they might as well let him alone, cause Trump is making a fool out of them, they better get in behind Trump and support him, if they don’t, when Trump become’s president he’s really gonna give them hell,and i bet you they aint gonna like it.

    December 16, 2015,8:02 pm

  7. Gil Cordova

    Rand Paul was the only one who spoke about defending the Constitution!! He follows the Constitution!!1

    December 16, 2015,5:27 pm

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