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2016 Election News

The Secret to Winning the War on Terror (Interview: Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Renown counterterrorism expert, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, discusses his new book - Defeating Islam: The Winnable War, and reveals how the[...]

Is The Party System Rigged? See What Trump Said!

"The system is rigged. I see it now, 100%. And not just on our side, but I think it is[...]

Which GOP Candidate Will Win On March 15th?

The stakes are high for the March 15th primaries -- both Ohio and Florida are up for grabs, the home[...]

See How The Election Is Driving Establishment Elites To Drink

Establishment elites are losing ground in both the GOP and Democrat primaries -- Bernie Sanders' socialism and Donald Trump's populism[...]

Who Will Win The GOP New Hampshire Primary?

Sen. Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucus -- but who's going to win the GOP New Hampshire primary on[...]

What’s Weighing Hillary Down?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both have their crippling weaknesses in the Democrat race, as explained by this funny cartoon.

Heads or Tails? How Hillary Really Won IA

Hillary Clinton barely squeaked out a win against Bernie Sanders in Iowa — in part because she won 6 out […]

Did You See What Ted Cruz Said About Iowa and the Media?

"Iowa has sent notice that the next president of the United States will not be chosen by the media". --[...]

Lamestream Media Election “Logic”

Numbers may show Cruz won, but the lame-stream media has its own crazy logic. See the hilarious comic!

Who Will Win The 8th GOP Debate?

On Feb. 6th, ABC will air the 8th GOP debate, live from New Hampshire (the primary is on Feb. 9th).[...]

Who Will Win The Iowa Caucus?

Who will win the GOP Iowa caucus? Will it be frontrunner Donald Trump -- or can a candidate who is[...]

Introducing CBC’s New Political Cartoons

Conservative Book Club will now be offering our members political editorial cartoons! Cartoonists include Michael Ramirez, Steve Kelley, Gary Varvel,[...]

Top 5 Takeaways Of The 7th GOP Debate

Last night, Fox News hosted the 7th GOP debate. Donald Trump opted out, Sen. Rand Paul came back, and there[...]

Who Won The 7th GOP Debate?

Last night, the 7th GOP debate was held -- the last one before the Iowa primary on Feb. 1, 2016.[...]

Trump Is Skipping The Debate!

"I'm going to have something else in Iowa, do something where we raise money for the veterans and the wounded[...]

Who Will Win The Seventh GOP Debate?

Fox News is hosting the 7th GOP debate on January 28th, 2016 -- the last debate to be held before[...]

Did You Hear What The RNC Did To National Review For Their Anti-Trump Issue?

The National Review's newest issue, titled "Against Trump", features a wide variety of conservative luminaries criticizing Trump's GOP candidacy, calling[...]

Which Democrat Will Win Iowa?

The Iowa primaries are coming -- for both parties. The Democrat Party, unlike the GOP, only offers three choices --[...]

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