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Who Won The 7th GOP Debate?

by Bradley Matthews

Last night, the 7th GOP debate was held — the last one before the Iowa primary on Feb. 1, 2016. Which one of the seven candidates present won?










Who won the 7th GOP debate?

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  1. mark dobzyn

    What Trump and Cruz did to Doctor Ben E. Carson is shamefull.
    Both should be ashamed of themselves for attacking him a good man indeed!

    May 2, 2016,11:55 pm

  2. John & Eleanor

    Because I believe in Ben Carson so much I will continue to have him winning until I am proven wrong – but I hope I will not be!!!!!

    February 1, 2016,8:29 pm

  3. Dan McCurdy, Se.

    Though winning in this survey, serious questions exist about Ted Cruz as it relates to the level of enmity he has created within the Beltway, in congress and Washington in general. How effective as POTUS could he be given his level of acrimony he has created. How could he serve effectively if his proposals are considered DOA by rancorous Washington insiders?

    January 31, 2016,9:17 am

  4. Patricia White


    January 31, 2016,6:15 am

  5. Edward

    Donald TRUMP won

    January 31, 2016,3:22 am

  6. Edward

    Trump won

    January 31, 2016,3:21 am

  7. Timothy

    Ted Cruz one the debate, although I believe Chris Christie and Marco Rubio gave passionate performances as well. Is Ted Cruz the standard-bearer for the Republicans? Not yet. I still believe that Rick Santorum may do well in the Iowa Caucus. He has done a lot of work there under the radar. It appears that anything that seems favorable to Santorum, the news is rather disdainful when it comes to coverage. They think he is desperately holding onto a pipe dream. Perhaps, things will turn on the head of a pin that the news doesn’t expect.

    January 30, 2016,10:10 pm

  8. Mary Stockman

    ALL YOU CRUZ SUPPORTERS…………………Cruz is a part of Congress who votes to use the money contributed to Social Security for their own raises, perks, and other projects. They have taken more than a trillion dollars contributed to Social Security for other spending. Then, Congress votes raises for themselves, none for people on social security, and none for Vets and no raises for our Military who protect and serve. THE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS ARE CROOKS!! MY VOTE IS FOR DONALD TRUMP!! And by the way, the unemployment rate only includes those people still eligible to collect unemployment benefits…………..IT DOES NOT include the millions of people looking for work, who are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits because they have been out of work…..too long. The unemployment rate including all people looking for work is approximately 24%. ANOTHER LIE TOLD BY POLITICIANS!

    January 30, 2016,4:06 am

  9. Mary Stockman

    Congress continues to take social security contributions and divert those monies to pay their raises and perks. Then they tell the American people SOCIAL SECURITY IS IN TROUBLE, and pretend it is the payment to seniors that is causing The Social Security Trust Fund to be depleted. That is just ONE MORE LIE BY CONGRESS. Congress has stolen more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS from the Social Security Trust Fund!!. We cannot trust any person in Congress. MY VOTE IS FOR DONALD TRUMP!!!

    January 30, 2016,3:55 am

  10. Gail Eggman-Berry

    They are hard on Cruz because he is a real Patriot.

    January 30, 2016,1:29 am

  11. Trudy DeBello

    Donald Trump won, and I can see very clearly he is perfect for the job.

    January 29, 2016,10:53 pm

  12. Joyce Miller

    Donald Trump won! He is the only one I feel that can turn this country around. I guess the people who talk bad about him will see when he becomes President!

    January 29, 2016,9:38 pm

  13. Robert Brretz

    These Trump followers, not supporters, Are like the ones that followed Ron Paul, the last few elections. Can’t argue with them because they know everything. The only thing is that they don’t know much about politics. They’re blind in seeing that Trump is a con man. Trump will never do much of anything that he has said he would. Because, it’s convenient, for Trump, he’s now Pro Life. What about all the years, until recently, Trump was Pro Murder. His followers are no different than Obama’s followers. Many wanted change after the Bush presidency. If Jim Jones still had his summer camp, in Guyana, they’d be drinking the Kool aid like all the others.

    January 29, 2016,9:11 pm

  14. AD Roberts

    See here below. The comments of those who have sold their souls to Trump. They refuse to see just how really bad he is.

    January 29, 2016,6:34 pm

  15. AD Roberts

    There was proof that Fox did try to get a squabble going. Cruz called them on it. But it was obvious. And I guess it would have been worse had Trump been there.
    Thank goodness Trump was not there. Too many are like zombies and follow Trump; as if he were a real conservative. WHY? Because there is a desperation to find an OUTSIDER. And they don’t realize that Trump is not an outsider. He is the one who bankrolls those very destructive INSIDERS.

    January 29, 2016,6:32 pm

  16. Vicky Williams

    Trump won the night!!!

    January 29, 2016,6:03 pm

  17. Vicky Williams

    Trump won!!!

    January 29, 2016,6:02 pm

  18. Joel Highsmih

    Donald Trump won and he was not there.

    January 29, 2016,5:24 pm

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