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Watch Jeffrey Lord Take Down Obama Appointee Race Baiter Van Jones

by Bradley Matthews

Van Jones was an Obama appointed environmental official — and a Communist! Now he’s a race baiter on CNN. Conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord, author of What America Needs: The Case for Trump. See the video of their heated exchange below!


  1. Linda Foley

    sigh –

    March 12, 2016,10:40 am

  2. dennis phinney

    I’m tired of coddling and bending to the sympathy of the black oppression,
    the “Rev. Al Sharpton’s” of the country(do a wiki search on Al),
    the homsexual movement to make straight people become not normal as in
    “homophobians”, the religious rights of the Muslim invasion, and people
    coming into this country with no intentions of assimilating, learning the language and following the American Laws ( not Sharia Law). And tired of
    people just being indifferent and uninformed beyond the sources of the
    news media, who have a big role in shaping this country’s truth in information.
    I’m tired of people not taking responsibility for their own future and the future
    of this nation by choosing to remain ignorant about the ways government
    and the billionaires control this country and the world.
    It’s time to expose all this and don’t wait for the media to do it on 60Mins.

    March 3, 2016,1:40 pm

  3. David

    Trump is our choice! Anything else is not!

    March 2, 2016,6:03 pm

  4. Michelle Wagner

    Bye bye, Van Jones. Go back to the Obama administration. I watch CNN faithfully and love everyone debating over their feelings. But, please stop talking about crushing Trump. Stopping him. The people of the United States want him, need him and are voting for him. Why not talk more about stopping the rude Rubio. He needs to go. Trump is our man, our next president!

    March 2, 2016,4:01 pm

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