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Exclusive Brad Thor Author Interview

In our exclusive podcast author interview with bestselling conservative novelist Brad Thor, he details a plan on how the US should respond to the deadly terrorist attack in Orlando.  Considered a foreign policy expert and is member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Red Cell Unit – which gives tactical advice on over-the-horizon threats to law enforcement officials, he tells us how the US can finally play on offense and take down the radical jihadists.

He has also released his new fiction thriller, Foreign Agent, which is a continuation of the Scot Harvath character series.  Combining foreign intrigue and counterintelligence, Thor weaves an international web of suspense.  As the author of over a dozen novels, he’s made a name for himself as a conservative author highlighting themes of national security, international relations, and counterintelligence.

Brad Thor is a patriot and is one of the truly successful fictional novelists who is able to craft conservative national security-themed messages into his thriller and suspense novels.  Support Brad today, and listen to our exclusive interview with him below!

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