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Will Hillary Be Indicted?

by Bradley Matthews

Bret Baier, citing sources inside the FBI, said “The investigations [into Hillary] will continue, there is a lot of evidence. And barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they will continue to likely an indictment.”

For more on Hillary’s scandals, check out Ed Klein’s Guilty As Sin HERE


  1. Laura G. Holmes

    No, because the Clintons live by a different set of laws. Unfortunately for them, they are required like the rest of us to live by GOD’s commandments. He knows every horrid thing that they have done on this earth. They will not escape punishment with him.

    November 4, 2016,2:49 pm

  2. Joseph St.Clair

    The object is too get Trump elected , not to impeach ( Georgia southern presidency associated with the confederacy ) clinton , while that is and option it takes two years too impeach thru congress , WE THE AMERICANS DONT HAVE TWO YEARS ON THIS PLANET TO GET RID OF THE CESS POOL OF NWORDER PERSONALITIES !!! Bush famil Clinton family’s agendas
    Trump will drain the SWAMP (DC ) foggy bottom clean out the false house ‘s of ASTROLOGY ( corruption in Washington DC ) , the house of congress , a land slide election in Trumps Favor , means mud slides in California , for pelosi and her friends into the pacific sea
    Read the metaphors of the White House and the allegories of information that is being said with out the Reagan Consrrvative KNOWINGS , means your getting rid of the insider belt way of Masonic bull sh’t , bilderbergers manipulation of the office of the presidency currently and the illuminati clintons corrupt cartel
    Oxymorons I laugh as in being and oracle and IAM – I KNOWINGS homoknowitz with knowledge and wisdom built into ME a knew enu species of the almighty god head expressing himself!!!!
    Love you All
    God Has Blessed America
    The Clinton’s have cursed it and Barack is no navigator a shitty old Arabic barge
    Prince Henry St.Clair discovered North America a hundred years before Columbus HE got it right my family helped birth America as major gen for Washingtom and 9 th president of the continental congress current guy in ofice IS NOT A NAVIGATOR HE DIES , DORS NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CELESTIAL NAVIGATION AND AMERICAS GREAT FUTURE !!!
    Assholes anonymous !!!

    November 3, 2016,6:52 pm

  3. StillaBeliever

    Terrific picture. Could this person be any more unreal? Where is Dorothy and her mop bucket when we need her?

    November 3, 2016,4:54 pm

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