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Why Trump Won: Interview With Breitbart’s Joel Pollak

by Bradley Matthews

Why, and how, did Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election? Joel Pollak, Senior Editor-at-Large for provocative conservative mecca Breitbart.com, has co-written an upcoming book, How Trump Won, with bestselling co-author Larry Schweikart. We interviewed Pollak about Trump and the book — listen below!


  1. Dorothy

    These people who is rioting cause of Trump win need to have a life and Shame on you cause all have stand behind President Trump after-all He Is Our President Fair and square.. We Anerican are still in big trouble in the currency crisis and what all going on outside of USA in the world instead being Mad that Crooked Clinton did not win we need get on tract and try to make the why it was before some the former presidents did to us and last one double the National Debt to give the people who did not want to work and have better things then what people make a living and low-down people have nerve to be proud of what they did to have everything they want and I am tired of these Low Life People that want something for nothing like it say in the Holy Bible you do not want to Work to should not eat or have anything lazed no good for nothing that have nothing better do with their time to riot in our street for support of Woman who did Crime since the 1960s and her husband no better to I am very upset I pay for my dues I work until I got sick and I am a senior and these young people make me Sick lazed and good for nothing Joke and have nerve to riot cause they might get their free ride and I hope and Oray the buck. Stop now and make these people Work. Work and Work

    February 7, 2017,2:38 am

  2. John

    The voters had no other choice

    January 30, 2017,8:53 pm

  3. MaryJollon

    Why President Trump won? The people wanted him too!!! SIMPLE AS THAT !!!

    January 29, 2017,10:19 am

  4. Camille Gilliam

    Trump won because he worked 100x harder than Hillary, he told the truth, and took on the lying media. He is NOT a pathological liar, a thief, or a murderer. Hillary is one of the most corrupt people around, it’s pretty bad when Alinsky doesn’t want anymore to do with you because you are so corrupt. She got fired from her first job as an Att. working for the Watergate Commission, again because she was so corrupt. Trump loves this country and is willing to put his businesses on hold so he can try to save this country, He is willing to work for a$1.00 a year, and so are some of the people that are in his cabinet. God Bless, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, may they stay safe!

    January 18, 2017,12:36 am

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