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Which 9 Presidents Screwed Up America? Listen To Find Out

Who are the 9 presidents that screwed up America? Find out that and more in the new History Unplugged podcast!

You’re probably asking yourself … “Why now? Why should I subscribe to another history podcast?” Here’s why.

History Unplugged is the only show that looks at the untold stories of the past by interviewing revisionist historians and by answering any questions that you, the audience, has submitted (What was it like to be a Turkish sultan with 4 wives and 12 concubines? If you were sent back in time, how would you kill Hitler?).

How do we do this? Our resident historian (Scott Rank, PhD) spends one day a week grilling a guest about the forgotten stories of the past. He interviews them for as long as an hour. The other four days a week he spends answering any question that you can throw at him in short, 10-minute “in-between-esodes.”

To celebrate the launch of History Unplugged, we are doing a massive product giveaway.

You can win things like this:

A one-year subscription to Blinkist—an app that has condensed over 2K books into 15-minute summaries  (1 winner)

All you have to do is checkout the new podcast and subscribe. You can enter the contest by clicking here.

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