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Introducing History Unplugged Premium!

If you love history and podcasts, check out the new premium offerings from our friends at History Unplugged! With over[...]

Israelis or Palestinians: Who Was There First?

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been a thorn in the side of Presidents from Truman to Trump. But who has the[...]

Why Is Putin So Aggressive? History Has The Answer

Why is Putin so aggressive abroad? Historian Scott Rank looks at Russian history for the answers in a new episode[...]

Agent Zigzag: The Amazing WWII Spy You’ve Definitely Never Heard Of

Meet Agent Zigzag, the WWII English double agent who proved so good at his job that his handlers, confused, thought[...]

Is America God’s Chosen Nation? Listen To Find Out

Is America the beneficiary of God's favor? Listen to History Unplugged's interview with conservative author and radio host Michael Medved[...]

Which 9 Presidents Screwed Up America? Listen To Find Out

Who are the 9 presidents that screwed up America? Find out that and more in the new History Unplugged podcast!

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