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Mark Levin Mauls Robert Mueller — Watch The Video To See What He Said!

by Bradley Matthews

In an appearance on Fox News, Mark Levin said “Anybody with any competence knows that the POTUS [Trump]┬ánot only didn’t obstruct justice, he can’t obstruct justice… The issue should be Mr. Mueller, what is your authority for investigating the president of the United States as a criminal matter? You are violating Department of Justice policy that is 44 years in place.”

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  1. Bob Uda

    We had a lot to worry about when the Obungler was the POTUS. Thank goodness, he’s gone.

    June 22, 2017,1:34 pm

  2. Bob Uda

    This proves Mueller’s incompetence!

    June 22, 2017,1:31 pm

  3. Linda

    Jones, get a life, the Russians are very familiar to blame like the boogy man when you were a child. And you still believeone “grows on trees” lying in pIles to throw at problems or Iran. Or North Korea, Or! Make work projects like INVESTIGATIONS and you are complaining about a POLICE STATE! that’s as fake as you’re name

    June 22, 2017,6:17 am

  4. Sam Jones

    The Russians again appear to have caused interference in Georgia elections. Investigate! Tax money is just sitting there doing nothing, use it.

    June 21, 2017,11:17 pm

  5. George Taylor

    Waiting on the specifics and details. What crime was committed to justify the appointment of s special prosecutor? FBI has been investigating for almost year now and yet no answers. The Russians allegedly interfere in 2016 election and yet little was done during Obama administration, since it has been suggested they were aware of this as early as Jan 2016 and as late as Sept 2016. Perhaps it was they believed HRC was going to win? When she loss, the Russian connection was released. Convenient! Perhaps we ought to take voter ID seriously if there is a real concern about the integrity of our election system. Low hanging fruit and a easy fix.

    June 21, 2017,7:56 pm

  6. david o'brien

    bill it’s people like you that don’t have clue no brains

    June 21, 2017,7:27 pm

  7. Bill

    Yeah, it’s a really good idea to have the President above the law, free from anyone investigating him or his staff.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    June 21, 2017,7:19 pm

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