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Episode #33 – Ken Starr Interview: Brett Kavanaugh, Robert Mueller, and the Legacy of the 90s Clinton Investigations

In this intimate and personal interview with Judge Ken Starr, he discussed his protege Brett Kavanaugh, whether or not Robert[...]

Episode #28 – Gregg Jarrett Interview: The Russia Collusion Hoax, the Hypocrisy of the Mueller Investigation, and Whether Trump Should Fire Mueller

Our exclusive interview with Fox News' legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, whose the author of the No. 1 bestselling nonfiction book[...]

Will Mueller’s Russia Witch Hunt Against Trump Backfire?

Will Robert Mueller's trumped-up Russia witch hunt against Pres. Trump backfire on him? See what Rudy Giuliani said and vote[...]

POLL: Is The Entire Russian Collusion Case A Democrat Hoax?

Is the much-ballyhooed Russian collusion investigation nothing more than a Democrat deep state hoax? See Trump's tweet and vote in[...]

POLL: Should Biased FBI Agent Peter Strzok Go To Prison?

FBI Agent Peter Strzok testified before Congress today about his anti-Trump texts and possible bias in the Mueller investigation. Should[...]

Is The “Mueller Witch Project” A Horror Movie — Or A Comedy Of Errors?

The Mueller witch hunt is getting a movie! Is the "Mueller Witch Project" a horror movie -- or a comedy[...]

Should Trump Fire Mueller After The Raid On Michael Cohen’s Office?

Should Pres. Trump fire Robert Mueller after the brazen, unprecedented raid on the office of Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer?[...]

POLL: Should Pres. Trump Fire Robert Mueller?

Should Pres. Trump fire Robert Mueller after Mueller illegally obtained thousands of Trump transition team emails? Vote in our CBC[...]

Is The Russia Probe McCarthyism? Watch Trump Jr.’s Comments

See what Donald Trump Jr. said about Robert Mueller, the Russia probe, and McCarthyism!

Robert Mueller Is The Grinch Who Stole Emails!

Robert Mueller is ramping up his investigation of Trump -- but how? It's because he's the Grinch who stole emails![...]

Should Trump Fire Robert Mueller?

Special investigator Robert Mueller has formed a grand jury -- should Trump fire him? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Mark Levin Mauls Robert Mueller — Watch The Video To See What He Said!

"Anybody with any competence knows that the POTUS [Trump] not only didn't obstruct justice, he can't obstruct justice... The issue[...]

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