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Should Pres. Trump Fire Robert Mueller?

by Bradley Matthews

Should Pres. Trump fire Robert Mueller after Mueller illegally obtained thousands of Trump transition team emails? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Should Pres. Trump fire Robert Mueller?

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  1. Bob Ster

    I don’t need to comment after reading Lynda Meyers and Gary Von Pratt’s comments because i agree with both of them .. ;Let this creep MUELLER who looks like a zombie fall on his face when he comes up with nothing on Trump because he has no STAINED BLUE DRESS WITH THIS CASE ..

    December 27, 2017,4:37 pm

  2. Lynda Meyers

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!
    Not that he doesn’t DESERVE to be fired, but if President Trump were to fire him there would be an IMPEACHMENT RESOLUTION in the House the NEXT DAY, and before 2018 is out, IT WOULD PASS. It’s also highly possible that, if Republicans don’t do well in Senate campaigns in 2018, THERE WOULD BE ENOUGH DEMOCRAT VOTES IN THE SENATE to “CONVICT AND REMOVE” THE PRESIDENT.

    Mueller WON’T do any REAL damage if we LEAVE HIM ALONE, since we KNOW President Trump did nothing wrong.
    But if we let the Democrats USE him as a TOOL to drag down the President, WE WILL HAVE THE FIRST PRESIDENT IN ALL OF HISTORY TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE THROUGH IMPEACHMENT, and it will take us FIFTY YEARS — MAYBE LONGER — to RECOVER.
    Let Mueller ALONE. He’s MAKING A FOOL OF HIMSELF, and before long everyone will SEE that. Don’t give the Dems ammunition to USE him to bring down our President.

    December 23, 2017,9:44 pm

  3. Gary VonPratt

    NO! let him keep ‘digging’ his PIT{grave} deeper, he’s digging multiple pits 4his constituents FELLOW traitors *PROOF, he’s OUTTING MORE EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH REMOVING MORE DOUBT, naming w facts PROOF other traitors. * TOO SAD these TAX FUNDS did not go to pay for college students tuitions $18,OOO,OOO+++ EDUCATION SUFFERS AGAIN! **American Citizen Students PUSHED DOWN TO 3rdWORLD… America UNDER ATTACK!!! Gen Mattis needs to haul his a** into a COURT-MARSHIAL, *NON OF THIS BELONGS IN A CIVIL COURT OR IN FRONT OF A CIVIL JUDGE, this is a breach of ‘NATIONAL’ SECURITY OF A ‘COUP’ to take over HIJACK USA GOVT… *all this is common-knowledge!!!
    USA STRENGTH IS IN OUR YOUNGPEOPLE, DIVERT WORLD MONEY FUNDS & ALL EDUCATION FOR “American Citizen Students” could MORE THAN BE PAID FOR ”’COVERED”’, no more making FINANCIAL SLAVES out of STUDENTS w education loans AND KEEPING STUDENTS OUT THROUGH NON-AFFORDABILITY, young people did not get to decide who their parents would be or how wealthy!!! *ONLY AMERICAN CITIZEN STUDENTS! the world is welcome IF THERE ARE OPENINGS BUT!, & HAS TO PAY {or fully exchange expenses w American Citizen Students cost} noFree

    December 23, 2017,3:47 pm

  4. Via Esq

    Yes, due to Mueller’s conflict of interest. “No man can serve two masters.” Matthew 6:24.

    This investigation is a way to harass President Trump at taxpayers expense.

    December 22, 2017,4:39 pm

  5. bloxorz

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    December 21, 2017,5:15 am

  6. Wayne

    She lost the election. And I can’t get over it. The Democrats are the worst of the worst

    December 20, 2017,10:32 pm

  7. Rachel Verdon

    Mueller is doing an excellent job destroying his own credibility. It is more important for him to acknowledge this wild goose chase and step down voluntarily while President Trump and Chris Wray clean house at the FBI.

    December 20, 2017,8:51 pm

  8. James Mann

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    December 20, 2017,8:07 pm

  9. Linda Schumacher

    I’m not sure, so I didn’t vote, but I do think he should end this witch hunt, if possible and get on with what we need to do to MAGA!!!!!

    December 19, 2017,11:16 pm

  10. Robert McGee

    No. Let him make a fool out of himself and thus expose the Deep State.

    December 19, 2017,9:10 pm

  11. David

    Needs to fire him or ask Mueller to resign. He is doing nothing but spending our money, that is unlimited funds , on an investigation with nothing there.

    December 19, 2017,8:27 pm

  12. David Trevino

    President Trump needs to move foward.Get Mr. Mueller fired bottom line.

    December 19, 2017,8:11 pm

  13. StillaBeliever

    Mueller fills his team with Trump-haters and liberal hacks, leaks inappropriately and possibly illegally to those in the media willing to further his agenda, and spins his wheels endlessly on manufactured nonsense, and half of America sees NOTHING wrong with it?

    December 19, 2017,5:06 pm

  14. Bill Lynch

    Absolutely not If he does, he will get impeached or be forced to resign but i have predicted he will fire him, and it will have nothing to do with these emails and texts I was certain that Trump would fire him months ago

    December 19, 2017,4:48 pm

  15. Diane Kelly

    Tired of this subject. Instead lets make a resolution to buy more books from the CBC. If you like this website then purchasing books is what keeps it going. It’s not about just sharing your opinion.

    December 19, 2017,4:47 pm

  16. Eldon Overstreet

    Let him finish with nothing to show in terms of collusion.

    December 19, 2017,4:46 pm

  17. Bill

    You have an allegation that emails were improperly obtained. The Special Counsel’s office disagrees.

    If tRump fires Mueller it will only confirm the guilt of the tRump Team.

    December 19, 2017,3:21 pm

  18. Brenda

    No. Let him hang himself. He’s doing a good job at it

    December 19, 2017,1:23 pm

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