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Safe Space Snowflakes Want College To Be Daycare. Will They Ever Grow Up?

by Bradley Matthews

Today’s safe space snowflakes melt when faced with any opinion that isn’t liberal, rioting and crying until colleges are turned into daycares. Oklahoma Wesleyan University president Dr. Everett Piper has had enough, which is why he has written a new book on the college crisis, Not A Day Care.

We interviewed Piper about life on today’s campuses, safe spaces, and political correctness among today’s hysterical students. Take a listen below!

Check out the top 6 craziest cases of left-wing censorship on campus HERE.


  1. William

    Are you truly afraid of those that have positions that are diametrically opposed to yours? Derogatory names for your enemies makes your position weaker with each utterance. You are a poser. Nothing more.

    August 28, 2017,1:26 am

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