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Whiny NFL Players Need Some Perspective!

by Bradley Matthews

NFL players spent the weekend disrespecting our national anthem — they need some perspective! Check out Michael Ramirez’s cartoon!

Will you boycott the NFL? VoteĀ HERE!


  1. BJ

    Well said Laura! They so narcisstic – who are they to decide that they are more persecuted than anyone else. Just because youR white doesn’t mean you automatically have a great cushy life. the sex trade industry is alive and well not only through ghoul the world but in our own NFL Super Bowl. We are talking Children” why don’t you pick up your lazy “a _ _” and do something about that!!!!!!

    September 29, 2017,10:29 am

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    Oh, and by the way, the N.F.L. will care when their income dries up if enough people stop watching until they get a grip.

    September 29, 2017,9:37 am

  3. Laura G. Holmes

    Brenda, you are such an embarrassment to the country and yourself. Your crap doesn’t work anymore. Get some help, seriously. Go to Chicago and help those precious people. The black-on-black crime is the REAL issue in this community. If you want to help, do something about the 500,000 precious and non-replaceable aborted babies in this community. Help these precious children to get a good education so they may become contributing members of society. Take a knee for the few people who are shot by cops each year, most justifiably so, but stop running your big mouth unless you are going to get out in the community and actually make a difference with the REAL problems in this demographic group. You people are perpetuating a fraud on the American people and it needs to stop. As a matter of fact, you may want to take a course in human decency and dialog.

    September 29, 2017,9:35 am

  4. abraham

    brenda hatfield, the tone of your response does little more than identify you as a liberal. the notion that others opinions/beliefs may differ from yours seems to escape you. the fact that you seem to disagree with the decision of carolyn brinkley certainly does not make her a racist, it merely identifies you as narrow minded. your ascertion when you typed “And enough said”, is exactly the reason why your perceived issues will not be resolved. regarding your statement it being about disrespecting the flag, i believe you may be mistaken. even michelle obama expressed her dislike for america, along with so many black politicians; makes it difficult to think otherwise.

    September 29, 2017,7:45 am

  5. Rolando Raudez

    They think are the “divine heron” wrapped in egg, but rotten!

    September 29, 2017,12:10 am

  6. Brenda Hatfield

    And hopefully, they will take a knee also, Carolyn Brinkley. And I don’t think the NFL cares if you don’t watch. I’m going to watch even if I don’t watch. My TV will be on football every Sunday and every Monday and anytime they are on. I KNEEL WITH THE PLAYERS IN SOLIDARITY AGAINST RACISM AND BIGOTRY!

    September 28, 2017,11:13 pm

  7. Brenda Hatfield

    This is the bottom line. If you think it’s about disrespecting the flag, and you think the players are being “whiny”, then you are a RACIST, period. And enough said

    September 28, 2017,10:52 pm

  8. Marty Conomos

    Why our flag & anthem must be respected. https://www.facebook.com/ABCNews/videos/10156357987143812/

    September 28, 2017,10:43 pm

  9. Carolyn Binkley

    I will definitely boycott. My football of choice will be college football this season.

    September 28, 2017,9:30 pm

  10. Becki Schamp

    I did type my comments and I’m annoyed that u didn’t post cuz I had to do Conservative Review book club membership which I did and I still don’t see my post.

    September 28, 2017,8:08 pm

  11. Terry

    Why doesn’t 1 just 1 of these protestters bring up the real reason most of these officer involved shooting have been against people not obeying the law and resisting arrest. If you think you are above the law be stupid . If they were obeying the law not 1 of them would be dead. But the protesters and some of these comments are afraid of the truth. Man up dumb asses

    September 28, 2017,7:24 pm

  12. walter siebert

    Up til about 50 years ago most Whites were Racist, Today most Minorities are Racist !!!

    September 28, 2017,6:54 pm

  13. StillaBeliever

    Larry, please try to separate your dislike for Trump from the issue of the wisdom displayed and the message sent by those protesting our national symbols. It would seem that those like you, who believe that “racial equality” means equal outcomes as opposed to equal opportunities, will never give up their foundational premise that this is a land of Injustice and that the majority of law enforcement (not to mention the white populace as a whole) are bent on tracking down and murdering as many minorities as possible. This is a lie fomented by those who ignore the fact that the majority of those harmed by law enforcement simply did not comply with commands lawfully given by the involved officers. You rest on the narrative that Michael Brown was an innocent guy out for a walk, as opposed to an obvious thug who had engaged in trying to grab an officer’s weapon and was shot while charging that same officer with who knows what malice intended. Sure, there are a few racists out there, but do you really believe that figuratively mooning the flag in a 4th of July Parade is doing to make those racists repent? More likely that more people will come to believe more firmly that there really is an unbridgeable racial divide, and that segregation is the best solution. You want that?

    September 28, 2017,6:34 pm

  14. Vickie

    You are kidding yourself if it wasn’t about disrespecting our flag & country & veterans they’d kneel when any other song is played!!

    September 28, 2017,6:09 pm

  15. Vickie

    You think they’d be protesting if Hillary had won?? Their candidate didn’t win they are disrupting everything we love as Americans. Everyone talks about bullying, the adults are leading by example. In their world it’s ok to bully if u really don’t like someone! Devided we fall that’s the plan!!

    September 28, 2017,6:05 pm

  16. Larry White

    Stop using images of deceased US troops to foster your agenda. The knee has nothing to do with a lack of patriotism. It has to do with racial equality, or the lack of, in the US. People of color and minorities are mistreated and even killed ,and the perpetrators are often not held to account by laws and the judicial system. The idiot of a president is just throwing out a distraction to some of the most recent dumb stuff he has done. He cares nothing about the flag or the national anthem, just his own agenda. Let’s not forget that his wife had to nudge him to put his hand over his heart at the Easter Egg roll recently. I can’t believe that reasonable, rational Americans don’t see through his schemes, unless they agree that the evil, un-American, cruel president has the right to keep trying to divide America. This, once peaceful, protest has been going on for over a year. Only until Trump needed a distraction did it become controversial. He knows that if he yells loud enough and often enough, there are those that will listen, without doing any research, or giving the subject any serious thought.

    September 28, 2017,5:49 pm

  17. Michael Giuliano

    Not the forum or time for this. Very disrespectful.. If you have a message you’re trying to send out, then do it on your own time and money.

    September 28, 2017,5:46 pm

  18. Mrs. G. Rasheed

    I will never Boycott the NFL. The players have a right to protest . You have to understand that they are not disrespecting the flag. But they are protesting the way that the country is letting our Police get away with killing our Black citizen in the name of the Law. All they have to say to justify killing is to say ” I feared for my Life ” and they shoot. Or ” I thought they had Weapon.”

    September 28, 2017,5:39 pm

  19. Jerry Branson

    I totally support boycotting the NFL for their stance. The real issue is not rights but allegiance to the US. Those who do not like this country can leave at any time.

    September 28, 2017,5:18 pm

  20. Jane

    Well said Bob. Boycott the NFL and any companies that use the players as spokesmen. Replace Goodell.

    September 28, 2017,5:17 pm

  21. Bob Uda

    The NFL under Roger Goodell is finished!

    September 28, 2017,4:59 pm

  22. Kevin J Brislawn

    good Grief whats next!!

    September 28, 2017,4:56 pm

  23. John Lockwood

    What a deplorable, anti-patriotic and anti-American piece of bullshite. What kind of person, claiming to be American and actually care for America, doesn’t know or chooses to not understand the basic rights we all have? This anal tumor reflects no value to society, America or humanity. Just like 45, it deserves to be flushed.

    September 28, 2017,4:55 pm

  24. Bacon

    We’ve always known the NFL players tend towards being the bottom heads on the intelligence totem pole. But the team owners falling for this absurd, meaningless leftist agenda. Sad indeed. Football will likely never regain a position of respectability (I’m not sure it ever deserved one).

    September 28, 2017,4:52 pm

  25. stan

    No stand up and respect America, the flag and military heroes…no pay!

    September 28, 2017,4:50 pm

  26. David

    pass on Goodell’s NFL. Watch college ball, get into the NHL..baseball playoffs about to begin.

    September 28, 2017,4:49 pm

  27. Kevin Burns

    Spot Right On….. Thanks…….

    September 28, 2017,4:39 pm

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