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NFL News

POLL: Do You Approve Of The NFL’s New Anthem Policy?

NFL ownership has ratified a new policy for the national anthem -- players must stand OR stay in the locker[...]

Should NFL Suspend Marshawn Lynch? See Trump’s Tweet

Pres. Trump called out Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch for sitting out our national anthem -- and standing for Mexico's! Should[...]

Is Politics-Free Football Just A Fantasy Now?

Many Americans play fantasy football -- but you know what their real fantasy is? Being able to watch it without[...]

Has Politics Deflated Football?

Has politics deflated the joy of football and the NFL's ratings? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon!

See How Coach Mike Ditka Dealt With NFL Kneelers

"If you don't respect our country then you shouldn't be in this country playing football. Go to another country and[...]

Should The NFL Lose Stadium Funding Over Anthem Protests?

Should NFL stadium funding and tax breaks be revoked over the protests of our national anthem? Vote in our CBC[...]

Are You Done With The NFL?

After comments from Trump and anthem protests across the NFL, are you done with football? Check out our coverage of[...]

RIP NFL? See What Protests Did To Their Ratings!

Is the NFL dying thanks to the mass disrespect towards our anthem? See the cartoon!

Whiny NFL Players Need Some Perspective!

NFL players spent the weekend disrespecting our national anthem -- they need some perspective! Check out Michael Ramirez's cartoon!

Why the NFL is Not a “Safe Space” for Political Grievances

Are you having a hard time empathizing with the protesting NFL football players? You know, the ones who became rich[...]

Will you boycott the NFL?

Will you boycott the NFL? With many players kneeling during the National Anthem ceremony, many have called for a total[...]

You Won’t Believe How the NFL TV Ratings Are Doing!

Shockingly, the NFL television ratings are at the lowest they've been in almost a generation. Our favorite cartoonist, Michael Ramirez[...]

20 Conservative Football Stars You Should Root For

Football season is upon us! Here are 20 Conservative Football Stars You Should Root For, from both the past and[...]

Football’s Back! Who Will Win Super Bowl 52?

Football comes back tonight! With the NFL season upon us, we want to know -- who do you think will[...]

See The REAL Reason Trump Was Happy For The Patriots!

Everyone knows President Trump is close with Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, Pats coach Bill Belichick, and Pats owner Robert[...]

You Won’t Believe What NFL Legend Jerry Rice Said About Kaepernick and BLM

"All lives matter. So much going on in this world today. Can we all just get along! Colin, I respect[...]

Is Hillary Flipping The Coin At The Super Bowl?

This Sunday, the AFC's Denver Broncos and the NFC's Carolina Panthers will make battle at Super Bowl 50 in Santa[...]

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