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Are You Done With The NFL?

by Bradley Matthews

After comments from Pres. Trump and subsequent anthem protests across the NFL, are you done with football? Check out our coverage of this national controversy in our Weekly Roundup!

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1. Will You Boycott The NFL?

2. See What Bannon Said About The NFL Protests

3. Is The NFL A Liberal “Safe Space”?

4. Should NFL Players Be Fired For Protesting The Anthem?

5. Are NFL Owners Afraid Of The Players?

6. Whiny NFL Players Need Perspective!

7. You Won’t Believe The NFL’s Ratings!



  1. Dennis Clauson

    No more feetball at our house

    October 2, 2017,4:37 pm

  2. Gary

    The few bad apples who duke at football have to something
    They like to here there name announced fo good or bad
    These are selfish brats played off the ellitest

    October 2, 2017,8:30 am

  3. Don

    No the protest was against the remarks of the President calling the Players” Sons of Bitches”

    October 1, 2017,5:44 pm

  4. Fran Tatsch

    I started boycotting the NFL when Kapernick started wearing sox depicting Police as pigs and kneeling while the American was being played.
    The NFL did nothing! When the Dallas Cowboys wanted to memorialize the officers that were slaughtered in Dallas and denied!
    Now we have many kneeling during the National Anthem or standing and locking arms to protest our President or to show unity against “white oppression” is totally bull crap!
    There are predominantly black colleges. Affirmative Action gave the Black Americans a clear advantage.
    More blacks kill blacks than police kill anyone.
    The final straw was kneeling during Americas National Anthem in England but standing for long live the queen. WHAT??
    These “teams” have proven to be a humiliation to America at home and abroad! Oh my God! That was the icing on the cake!
    The athletes along with Hollywood are merely paid for entertainment.
    I don’t give a dam about their political views.
    Fed up and done with the Progressive leftist overpaid and overrated elitists shoving their views in our face!
    They are in the wrong arena! Go into the ghettos and give hope! Yeach the children that that education and skill are key to achieving the American Dream!
    Don’t be “DREAM STEALERS” you are living the dream teach them how to get there. Selfish selfish do selfish⬇️
    I pray for thevHoly Spirit blessing of enlightenment for all elitists…
    God Bless America land that I LOVE🇺🇸

    September 30, 2017,3:44 pm

  5. stan

    America is still one of the best countries to live, I assume that there are others that could be as great, but surely our Christian values make it exceptional country. The players do not have any idea how fortunate they are, but lets look at another fact. Many players are not the stand up model citizens of our great country, many have criminal records and some as violent and some as just plain stupid actions off the field. The NFL has a complete organization to block or represent these players , dedicated to cover it up or block press coverage. Perhaps the biggest problem is that these players do not have a contract that ends their career if convictions of felonies or more severe charges. The Arrest record is endless, and they escape jail time because of their stardom, and many times only pay a very small fine that normal citizens can not afford. Kap. is a good man, has done great things for many people and yet he is influenced by the left liberals and mainly his girl friend whom is mentally not blessed with a brain to understand that she has more freedom than many blacks living in poor and deprived countries. NFL , leadership should be fired and replaced before they ruin a great enterprise with wealth and talent. How can they stop a team from support for the fallen police officers with patches placed on their uniforms and then allow boycott of the national flag. Seems they are now regulated, or more worried by the left liberal hate and behavior of than common decent American Values.

    September 30, 2017,2:29 pm

  6. Bob Mallon

    I am done with the NFL. I cannot believe that these guys making millions of dollars and complain the way they are.

    September 30, 2017,1:36 pm

  7. Treadwill Holden

    Man over when overpaid boys are playing a boy’s game for me as a dollars and complain and there’s more blacks in the NFL than there are whites to begin with but that’s not even an issue issue is Cabernet they couldn’t play to try to choose something nice attention to himself and then he gets all these other people that don’t know what they’re doing for there is no inequality the inequality is those who are his friends that aren’t helping like it Harvey and other places are the local where they came from to promote them and give them an opportunity shame on them shame on them and let’s support myself and other troops and veterans that allow them to do what they do

    September 30, 2017,1:33 pm

  8. Susan Smith

    Disgusting disrespect for our flag and country and vets who are fighting for and died protecting us from harm?! Yes I’m done with the NFL enough of the poor oppressed millionaires who profit from but hate our country! Hope nobody shows up to watch them kneeling

    September 30, 2017,8:02 am

  9. Jane

    I am totally through with the NFL and will not ever watch another game. Nor will I buy any product the NFL/ players endorses. I can choose where to spend my money and I won’t support the NFL. Done with ESPN too.

    September 30, 2017,12:21 am

  10. Angelina Diel

    Yes! Really, really done! Good riddance to all NFL athletes who “got rich w/ fame” in a country whose FLAG they despised & disrespected! Hoping their eyes would be opened to the TRUTH!

    September 29, 2017,9:12 pm

  11. timchap700

    Yes I am. Thru with them

    September 29, 2017,7:16 pm

  12. David K.

    Disrespecting our national anthem is a slap in the face to all veterans who died for this country as well as those who are in harms way now. Love our country or get the hell out. These pretentious athletes, along with Hollywood liberal retards like Rosie O’Donut, should leave. North Korea and Iran are nice this time of year ! We won’t miss you one damn bit ……

    September 29, 2017,4:39 pm

  13. Karen Emmons

    Yep, I’m done. They have no excuse for creating such an uproar. Fans just want to watch football – NOT have political opinions thrown at them. Okay?

    September 29, 2017,4:12 pm

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