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You Won’t Believe How the NFL TV Ratings Are Doing!

by Christopher N. Malagisi

Shockingly, the NFL television ratings are at the lowest they’ve been in almost a generation.  One of favorite cartoonists, Michael Ramirez, predicted it below in our political cartoon of the day.  Do you think NFL players should be fired for not standing for the National Anthem?  Vote in our poll today HERE.



  1. Ronald Blacklock

    They deserve to have the ratings fall—I love the sport and will watch HS and College football but when I am rooting for a NFL team and I see those who knelt to protest something that should never be protested on the job and in this way, all I see is a disrespectful person who does not respect our country and I therefore have no respect for them.I would love to see all who kneel, banned from NFL football and bring in new blood who will show the respect this country deserves. Most people who are shot by officers are shot because they are a lot like the KKK kneelers who are too stupid to see what they are doing. Those shot are not shot because of race nor police brutality, but because of gross stupidity and thinking that they do not have to listen when they are caught.

    October 2, 2017,3:10 pm

  2. Jane

    Thanks Miguel for the info. I wonder how low the ratings have to go before the owners see their profits dwindling and say enough.

    September 28, 2017,5:20 pm

  3. Miguel

    The NFL television ratings are at the lowest they’ve been in almost a generation!
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    September 28, 2017,2:37 am

  4. John Handforth

    My grandson played football all through high school, but wouldn’t have made the pros. He passed all of the scholastic tests for the Air Force Academy, so he tried nowhere else. He didn’t pass the physical. Why? Because the Air Force has a maximum height of 6’8″ and he was 6’10” and has grown another inch. The Army accepted him. He loves his Country, and wanted to serve. Most of these pros got carried through college., while the less physically gifted had to study and work. My grandson will be working in uniform and studying when he can. I respect him for standing for his Country. I have no respect for the kneelers, except Stevie Wonder.

    September 28, 2017,1:03 am

  5. S. Holland

    If the players don’t have a problem cashing the huge checks they earn they should have no problem standing on their 2 feet for 2 minutes to sing our National Anthem.

    September 27, 2017,1:49 am

  6. Emil Segebart

    NFL millionaires and billionaires

    September 27, 2017,12:37 am


    The owners are the ones that are not enforcing the rules…. so why did they enforce it every other time… oh yea except many times one of their players beat their wives or girlfriends to death . but the fans will make them pay very dearly and the government should stop the funding of the NFL

    September 26, 2017,11:17 pm

  8. Cece Dell

    The nfl under the dumbass goodell should have been boycotted after he fined players for supporters police or heroes of 9/11!

    September 26, 2017,7:23 pm

  9. Sal Belardo

    I have and will continue to boycott the NFL and any other sport that disrespects our national anthem! If your protest is about the police then take your protest outside the football arena! Our anthem has nothing to do with your protest! That is unless you want to destroy the NFL, then it’s all on you guys! Anyone who buys an NFL ticket sucks!

    September 26, 2017,4:45 pm

  10. Judi Yonke Michels

    Mr. President Donald J Trump…. I just wanted to tell you that your Chess game is spot on!! Waiting on your next move. Still Winning!!!

    September 26, 2017,4:27 pm

  11. Rossini

    And another thing you like to Neil during the anthem well if you like the Neil that much maybe we should go out and get a job picking Cotton this is called free-speech also so grow up

    September 26, 2017,4:19 pm

  12. Jane

    Unless these protesters stop the disrespecting of our veterans, our country and our flag, I suggest the whole NFL season be cancelled and the fat paychecks stop. And sadly Dallas hasn’t been America’s Team for a long time.

    September 26, 2017,4:07 pm

  13. Rossini

    Some of these guys keep bringing race into the issue has nothing to do with race all all they’re doing is making it so people will be racist they’re bringing it on their selves maybe we should go out and get a real job

    September 26, 2017,4:06 pm

  14. geo wilson

    Dallas is no longer America’s team, Jerry Jones!!!

    September 26, 2017,12:44 am

  15. Steve Dolyniuk

    The rules set down by the NFL are being ignored by the players & the NFL. Anti America both, as well as some of the coaches. Get out of this country, since you don’t respect it. Over paid bunch of Traitors !

    September 25, 2017,6:32 pm

  16. Marcus Hardin

    The irony is the kneelers are violating NFL official rules.

    September 25, 2017,6:21 pm

  17. bonnie treitler

    that’s great news. people are getting tired of these over paid ungreatful bunch of idiots. i hope their sponsors pull their adds. they should require these pompous, arrogant, unthankful losers to serve in the military for 6 months in places like afghanistan, or iraq and see if their attitudes would change. they have no idea whaat it takes to keep this coutnry free.

    September 25, 2017,6:17 pm

  18. Jeffery Rightmire

    Good, if you do not love everything about the USA , then you are free to leave. A bunch of overpaid ingrates-cut the funding, boycott the NFL and all of it’s sponsors.

    September 25, 2017,4:30 pm

  19. Rita Lustig

    NFL need to use a different platform for their social/political beliefs! I encourage a boycott until this disrespectful behavior subsides! Better yet, let’s drug screen these players everyday to know for sure drugs/steroids are not at the root of this evil!

    September 25, 2017,4:08 pm

  20. Carol Crawford

    We already have laws to protect all Americans from being discriminated against for age, race, gender or religion. We dont even have the military draft anymore. What more do these brats want?

    September 25, 2017,4:04 pm

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