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Will The Boy Scouts Start Selling Cookies?

by Bradley Matthews

The Boy Scouts of America have courted national controversy with a decision to start allowing girls to join. Will the “Boy Scouts” start selling cookies? See the cartoon!

Should girls be allowed in the Boy Scouts? Vote in our CBC reader poll HERE.


  1. Jonh Braves

    Thanks for your post! Through your pen I found the problem up interesting! I believe there are many other people who are interested in them just like me! Thanks your shared!… I hope you will continue to have similar posts to share with everyone! I believe a lot of people will be surprised to read this article!
    vex 3

    October 31, 2017,10:53 am

  2. Mark

    Homosexuals, LBGT and pedophiles in the Boy Scouts! Can’t these sick people create their own clubs and STOP destroying everything good in America.
    SICK & SAD!

    October 19, 2017,4:58 pm

  3. Mickey

    Why is it that liberals just want to wipe out a complete gender society and make our men all Eunuchs? Is this a feminist movement? I have two sons and there would be no way I would let either of them be in Boy Scouts if girls were involved, nor would I let my daughter join such a group. It’s absurd to think that you won’t be having problems with sexual misconduct mixing sexes. With our society of perverts, television depicting sex all the time, schools teaching sex at an earlier age than when I was little, and the all out push to create a society of liberalism. Kids grow up fast enough as it is. Why push it. Girls need to be girls and boys need to be boys. As far as trying to Transgender them or make them feel inadequate as to who they are at this age is what is causing a lot of mental instability and illness. Mothers and fathers need to start raising their children and teaching them skills instead of letting these liberal agencies and school teachers teach them. I learned how to cook and clean, sew, crochet, etc. from mom; and I learned how to work on cars and change tires, and mow the grass from my dad. Let’s all get back to raising our children with a semblance of normalcy and raise your children with some morals and teach them right from wrong. No wonder we have a society of violent and disgusting youth. Stop the madness.

    October 17, 2017,4:22 pm

  4. windows movie maker

    Yes, the article I was looking for. Your article gives me another approach on the subject. I hope to read more articles from you.

    October 17, 2017,3:00 am

  5. Laura G. Holmes

    Sue, I completely agree with you that we should not be trying to wipe out gender in our society as clearly women and men are completely different and should be allowed to behave as such. However, this is not a situation where this is applicable. They just want girls to be able to learn particular skills. Most girls are NOT going to want to join the boy scouts, but if there are some girls who would like to do so, they should be allowed to do so. You cannot have it both ways where you think some freedoms are o.k. and some are not. It is a non-argument. I am a conservative, Christian woman who happens to believe in human rights. Of course, you would have to have a human-beating heart to believe that all humans have the right to exist in America without persecution from people who somehow think that GOD will not judge their sins equally. It is totally hypocritical and pathetic.

    October 15, 2017,10:08 pm

  6. Laura G. Holmes

    Wow, Tomas Rader, Does it make you feel like a billy bad ass insulting a group of people who do not bother you in your life? You are a disgrace to humanity and maybe GOD will do the world a favor and wipe your existence off the planet. You are also a liar because the statistics do not back up your claims. You are the very bigoted people who allow the democrats to brainwash the country. The LGBT community pay taxes and should be allowed to live a life of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I have found that in my field of work that men who insult others in this way are typically compensating for something that they themselves do not have. Again I say become a human being and at least pretend like you are not from the animal kingdom.

    October 15, 2017,10:01 pm

  7. Tomas Rader

    Yeah .. the MIC is having a huge problem now with PG women and homo rape. A whole new field for lawyers will be eagle scouts n PG 12+ BSA girls. Hope they sue the BSA out of existence + the ACLU for defending them.

    October 15, 2017,3:51 pm

  8. Sue

    The question is what is the point? Just because they can? Make everyone the same? To establish there are no differences between boys and girls anymore? You can’t have private clubs so to speake. Boys can do what girls can and girls can do the reverse. We wipe out our gender to be the same. We call our self what we identify as but not what we are. We want co-ed but when treated equal it’s not liked. We expect the same from a boy and girl but when one cannot perform they are weaker. Which ever one. We try to fit a square into a circle and it won’t fit. So we determine there must be something wrong with the circle. Not the one trying to make it happen. We say we don’t want racial divide but divide and separate all the time. We destroy history we should learn from because it offends. Isn’t that what history is suppose to do? Call to our conscience where we came from to ensure we never return. Instead of acting as if we owe those who have never experienced the horrors of our history.
    So why are we doing all these things? Maybe it’s time to remember all history because it’s sure not being taught. Maybe it’s time to stand and say it’s ok to who you are! Maybe it’s time to stop fighting for what you already have. However, you can’t expect to wipe out gender because some disagree with it. We are dehumanizing our culture to the point nothing matters but animals and climate control. People don’t.
    Women blame to be feminists who are the brave strong and accept all for who they are. Turn out to be phonies and enables of sex crimes and abuser. But say they stand for women’s rights, LBGQT Communties as well and children rights.
    Well take a look at Hollywood and at that failure.
    We need a culture that lets little boys be boys, little girls be girls. We need as ADULTS act like it. We have difference. But you can’t wipe out gender because you don’t like it.
    Why has this current generation felt the need to destroy all and everything the human race is about.
    You might want to look into indoctrination and desensitization!
    Though our public schools and College s and Universities. Look at what is happening now. It’s all coming out in the open.
    Nothing building up all tearing down.

    October 15, 2017,3:36 pm

  9. Laura G. Holmes

    Shame on you Johnnie McHan and all who are like you. Could you please grow a human component or at least pretend not to be from the animal kingdom. It is very sad!

    October 14, 2017,10:11 am

  10. Johnnie McHan

    If God had wanted non sex self reproducing humans, He would have created us differently! I am a woman and proud of it. Thank God my children will not succumb to this stupidity with my grands. Hell is going to need another site! God Please Protect and Bless America!

    October 14, 2017,8:53 am

  11. Laura G. Holmes

    As much as I detest that the people in this country on the far left are so disgustingly fictitious with the vicious vitriol that they spew on a daily basis, I have an equal amount of disdain for the people on the extreme right. They somehow think that they are better than every other human on earth. The boy scouts have stated that the groups would be kept separate and, yet, people are still spouting B.S. The military has now allowed women in the most difficult tasks. If a girl wants to learn these particular skills than she should be allowed to do so. I personally would never want to do these horrendous things. I think that the only way to go camping is in a R.V. or hotel, but other women enjoy this sort of thing. This is what makes America great! We are all free to do what we enjoy.

    We can all learn the greatest lesson in history and it comes from GOD’s word, the bible. He stated that “the greatest of these is love”. If you people think that by disparaging particular groups of people (the LGBT community as an example) is going to get you into GOD’s graces faster, you had better think again. Your snarky comments are the precise reason that the democrats have gone on a brainwashing campaign of the American people. This is the true party of the devil and, yet, they constantly attack the conservatives. It goes both ways. Maybe think before you speak. You may be the very people who are giving the left-wing nut jobs like Brenda Hatfield the fuel for their fire. Without your bigotry, they have no argument. There are enough gullible Americans who would buy into this crap. Love your fellow human beings no matter their color, ethnicity, creed, or sexual orientation. GOD did not give you the right to judge these people. He will take care of that task when the time comes. We all will be judged equally by the Creator. The bible’s many lessons are so prominent even today and should be considered in everyday life.

    October 14, 2017,7:42 am

  12. chanel

    there is going to be lots of pregnant girls, the scout master can’t be everywhere, at that age their hormone are kicking it, that girl that wanted to join the boy scout because she wanted to be a eagle scout like her brother, probably is a lesbian. I would not be surprise if the lesbian organization is behind all of these.

    October 14, 2017,12:51 am

  13. Brenda Hatfield

    Marvin and Shawn, you are both SEXIST PIGS, just saying

    October 13, 2017,10:29 pm

  14. Brenda Hatfield

    This site is so messed up. And all of you SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. Who cares if they join the Boy Scouts? What is the problem with you people? Get a life! And they wouldn’t have a problem with their self esteem if adults did not make them feel like there is a problem, and that’s the truth.

    October 13, 2017,10:28 pm

  15. Karen lindberg

    it’s the boy scouts. duh !!!!

    October 13, 2017,9:17 pm

  16. Sally Brucks

    They have girl Scotts for a reason

    October 13, 2017,7:17 pm

  17. Marvin Schulgen

    Shawn McGrath – Don’t burn anything! That’s what these people want! We need to retain (and maybe enshrine!) all of our BSA memorabilia, OA sashes and pins, Eagle awards, St. George Awards, etc. Then, when the “BGSA” goes kaput, we will have some memories of the “good old days” when things were rational AND THE BSA wasn’t declared anathema!! (I don’t understand why the Girl Scouts can’t develop an Eagle level program of their own. Is their problem that they don’t have any leadership, other than cookie sellers? Maybe that’s one good reason to keep them out of BSA. They need to be able to contribute something to the organization – not just “reap the benefits”.

    October 13, 2017,5:34 pm

  18. Shawn McGrath

    Even though I am a Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow member my two young sons will never join. Liberals have taken over another bastion of patriotism and will run it into the ground. I will have a quiet burning ceremony of everything I own Boy Scout.

    October 13, 2017,4:52 pm

  19. Carole Gaerte

    Probably. It’s always about the money.

    October 13, 2017,4:18 pm

  20. Julia Strickler

    Girls already have the Girl Scouts. This is not needed.

    October 13, 2017,4:17 pm

  21. William Stephens

    This.may why Mormons dropped the program

    October 13, 2017,4:13 pm

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