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The Gospel of Populism According to Laura Ingraham

by Bradley Matthews

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With the election of Donald Trump, the term “populism” has seen more air time recently than ever before. But according to Laura Ingraham in her latest blockbuster Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump, the populist movement has roots that go back to Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign and has been impactful in following elections. Populism fueled Trump’s victory and Ingraham details how that happened and how Trump can bring real change to Washington, DC.

Ingraham is the author of several New York Times bestsellers, including The Obama Diaries, Power to the People, Shut Up & Sing, and Of Thee I Zing. She is the host of Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, and the editor-in-chief and co-founder of LifeZette, a multi-media website focusing on politics, parenting, pop culture and faith. The Laura Ingraham Show is heard coast-to-coast on 225 radio stations

“As a Trump supporter, Ingraham truly understands the mentality behind Trump’s supporters and why he resonated with them over the other candidates,” said Christopher Malagisi, editor in chief of the Conservative Book Club. “If you struggle to understand the Trump phenomenon and how he came to be our president, then this is the book for you.”  


  1. Diane Kelly

    I can’t wait for Laura’s show to air on Fox the 30th of this month. I’m on pins and needles. I like her better than Ann Coulter. I didn’t think that was possible. But it was.

    October 19, 2017,4:49 pm

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