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The Top 10 Triggering Halloween Costumes

The Left loves using political correctness to suck the fun out of everyday life, and with Halloween just around the corner, you can be sure that they are going to have a heyday calling your favorite Halloween costumes “cultural appropriation” or “politically incorrect.”

The onslaught of these think pieces targeting innocent children’s costumes has already begun, with the magazine Cosmopolitan putting out an article telling parents not to let their children dress up as Moana, the newest Disney princess who is wildly popular.  Where will it end? No one knows.

In the spirit of fighting back against the trigger-happy Left, we’ve found 10 costumes sure to piss off your local liberal, whether it’s a college student, a college professor, or a member of the lying media. Here are ten of the most triggering Halloween costumes this year!

If you’d like to order these before Halloween, they can be found HERE.


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