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Episode #15 – “The Light Within” Ainsley Earhardt: Interview with the ‘Fox & Friends’ Co-Host About Her Journey to Faith, Family, and Fox News

How does someone come to co-host Fox & Friends – the No. 1 cable news morning show in the country? Through faith, family, and perseverance! Learn about the amazing story of America’s sweetheart and Fox News anchor, Ainsley Earhardt, and her deeply personal journey of faith, family, motherhood, and stunning rise at Fox News in her new bestselling memoir, The Light Within Me: An Inspirational Memoir.


  • 2:13 Hear why Ainsley wrote this intimate memoir about her faith in God – and why, even in her own memoir, she wants “God to get all the glory, not Ainsley Earhardt.”
  • 4:45 Learn how Ainsley met Jesus at a frat party!
  • 11:57 Discover how Ainsley’s faith changed her life, and how it even helped her professional career.
  • 16:42 What does Ainsley want you to take away from her book?

OUR GUEST AUTHOR – Ainsley Earhardt

  • Ainsley Earhardt is co-host of Fox & Friends, which reports on the daily headlines across news, sports, politics and entertainment.  She also reports for Fox’s The Sean Hannity Show with her own segment called “Ainsley Across America.”
  • She is the former co-host for Fox & Friends First, and has been at the forefront of news stories covering everything from the Pope’s visit to the US, exclusively interviewing President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, and in this interview, she just recently returned from the UK where she provided on location, live coverage of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
  • She’s a NYT bestselling author, having previously written two beautiful children’s books – Take Heart, My Child, and Through Your Eyes.  In her new book, which is currently our #2 bestselling book on CBC’s Conservative Book Bestseller List, she reminisces about growing up with a father who loved his children unconditionally—a cherished model of parenthood she has adopted with her own daughter—how her Christian faith has shaped her life, and the dynamic journalism career that has made her a trusted household name.

BOOK OVERVIEW – The Light Within Me: An Inspirational Memoir

  • In The Light Within Me, Ainsley Earhardt considers her career and the factors that have propelled her to the top of her field, becoming a cohost of Fox & Friends and contributor to Hannity. Ainsley credits her success to the values she learned from her parents, and to the enduring Christian faith that has been her ballast through thick and thin, in good times and in periods of great difficulty.
  • Filled with inspirational quotes taken from Scripture and illustrated with sixteen pages of never-before-seen photos, The Light Within Me is infused with Ainsley’s spiritual beliefs and will touch the hearts of all her fans, reminding them to count the blessings God has given them every day of their lives.



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