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Constitutional Sound Bites

Publisher: Constitutionally Speaking • Dec 7, 2015 • 232 pages

Constitutional Sound Bites explains America’s Founding documents in a format that is familiar to 21st century readers.  This is accomplished in a simple, unbiased, easy-to-read presentation that takes into account the “sound bite” nature of today’s cyber-driven, fast-click culture. The Federalist Papers, by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison explain the Constitution, but long newspaper essays are not the way Americans get information in the 21st century. Constitutional Sound Bites addresses this difference by translating an 18th Century message into a 21st Century format.

There are over 150 question and answer entries, and while the entries are all related, each conveys a stand-alone message about the philosophy, organization and purpose of America’s Founding Documents.  At a time of deep divisions in the United States the book brings home the important fact that the shared heritage is not liberal nor conservative, Republican nor Democrat but American. The book also contains the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and all amendments.

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