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Job Creation: How It Really Works and Why Government Doesn’t Understand It

Author: Andy Puzder
• 2010

Entrepreneurship professor David Newton and corporate CEO Andrew Puzder show how The Certainty Factor is the primary driver of economic growth, and explain the core principles of how robust job creation really works. The American private sector has always been the initiator of new employment. Entrepreneurial ventures and R+D investments consistently introduce the product and service innovations that create new industries, expand existing markets, and put millions of people to work. But government doesn’t understand it. Government’s misguided attempts to orchestrate labor markets and the economy through higher taxes, increased regulatory requirements, and wealth redistribution are antithetical to both job creation and American free enterprise. Centralized government planning and federal intrusion into the private sector have long track records of consistent failure, as runaway deficit-spending, endless borrowing, and higher taxes do nothing except create more economic uncertainty that discourages venture investment, profit incentives, and job creation. The authors provide a framework for instilling strong optimism among U.S. businesses to renew domestic investments in profit-making opportunities that will create millions of new jobs in the coming years.

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