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Taken Into Custody

Publisher: Cumberland House Publishing • 2007 • 368 pages

Of all the Orwellian phrases most Americans have grown comfortable with, “family law” may be most pernicious — and what it represents may well be the most invasive and intrusive tyranny now operating in our country. So says Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D. — who, in “Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fatherhood, Marriage, and the Family,” shows how what ought to be called “the divorce industry” or even “the divorce regime” has virtually absolute power to take away people’s children without giving any reason, to confiscate their property, and to incarcerate them without trial, charge, or counsel. How does it get away with it? “Divorce courts and connected bureaucracies operate largely in secret and are able to protect themselves and punish their critics.” But now, in this massively documented book, Baskerville blows the cover off a system in which family courts and Soviet-style bureaucracies trample basic civil liberties, remove children from their parents at will, and jail parents without any observance of due process.

In Taken Into Custody, Dr. Baskerville — a senior fellow at the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society in Washington, D.C. — reveals:

  • Why the “deadbeat dad” is not only a myth but a hoax, the creation of government officials and lawyers who plunder parents whose children they have taken away
  • How hysterical propaganda about domestic violence is destroying families, endangering children, and making criminals of innocent parents
  • The real causes of child abuse — and how the abuse industry willfully ignores them
  • What is driving the rash of “parental kidnappings”
  • How family courts operate as if there is no Bill of Rights, denying parents their constitutional legal protections
  • And much more

What conservatives are saying about Taken Into Custody

“Since unilateral divorce was adopted in the 1970s, millions of innocent parents have lost their fundamental right to raise their own children to an array of government officials and “experts,” such as judges, lawyers, psychotherapists, social workers, child protective services, child support enforcement agents, mediators, counselors, and feminist groups. Dr. Baskerville documents injustices to children and fathers that might otherwise seem beyond belief. He exposes the distortions and fabrications propagated by the divorce industry to rationalize confiscating children from their parents. This is must reading for everyone who loves children, family, or justice.” — Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum

“At long last, Stephen Baskerville has made the case for the critical importance of fathers in bringing up children. His view, that fathers are the victim of discrimination in the court system in this country, is absolutely correct. … This book has long been needed, and Dr. Baskerville is absolutely the right person to have written it.” — Paul M. Weyrich, Free Congress Research and Education Foundation

“Taken Into Custody exposes the corruption of the divorce industry — lawyers paid to destroy marriages, courts who do their bidding, and bought state legislators. The danger of gay marriage is trivial compared to the carnage of divorce explored here.” — Michael J. McManus, President and Co-Founder, Marriage Savers

“Baskerville has exposed a major abuse of power that is not only responsible for destroying families and for the social disorder that ensues from that. It also rationalizes massive government spending and violations of our constitutional freedoms by courts, bureaucracies, and other arms of the state. This book powerfully reveals the interconnected threats to the family, accountable government, and freedom.” — Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform

“No-fault divorce, in practice, means unilateral divorce. When one parent is divorced against his will, that means the state must enforce the separation of that parent from his (or sometimes her) children and home. That means the state will intrude in the most personal areas of the family’s life, in effect, obliterating the distinction between public and private. ? Everyone concerned about the condition of marriage and children should read this book.” — Jennifer Roback-Morse, PhD, economist and author, Smart Sex: Finding Life-long Love in a Hook-up World

“Powerfully depicts the myriad cruelties and injustices currently being visited upon American fathers.” — Glenn Sacks, columnist and talk radio host

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