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Why 1776 Was The Original #Brexit

240 years ago, America declared independence. See how George Washington did Brexit -- before it was cool!

Mike Gallagher Endorsed The Conservative Book Club

Salem Radio's Mike Gallagher has endorsed the Conservative Book Club! See the meme -- and make sure to listen to[...]

One Small Step For Men — Into Women’s Restrooms!

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy vowed to put American men on the moon by the end of the decade.[...]

Who Needs Those Liberal Books? See What Ann Coulter Said

Who needs all those liberal books? Ann Coulter sure doesn't -- see her message to CBC readers!

See Cruz’s Message To CBC Readers

Sen. Ted Cruz is a staunch conservative fighter in the Senate, and a 2016 candidate for President. See his message[...]

Did You Hear What Trump Said About 7-Eleven?

At a rally in Buffalo last night, Donald Trump meant to invoke the memory of 9/11... and accidentally said 7/11[...]

Haha! “Straight Outta Vernon” George Washington Meme

Check out this funny meme! Back in 1776, George Washington came "Straight Outta Mt. Vernon" and helped America win its[...]

LOL! Look At Trump’s Plans For The White House

LOL! Check out Donald Trump's plans for remodeling the White House! Looks like DC will have a Trump Tower of[...]

LOL! If They Can Beat A Sharknado, Can Cuban and Coulter Run America?

Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter just starred as the President and Vice President in Syfy's third installment in the cult[...]

LOL! I’m Sure A Website Will Solve Iran, Barry

I'm sure this website will work just as well as the last one. It's not as if the mullahs are[...]

LOL! How to Make a Deal with John Kerry

And unlike Obama's lies on healthcare, I'm sure John Kerry is telling the truth when he says Iran will keep[...]

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