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Ep. 45 – Sebastian Gorka Interview: The 2018 Elections, Birthright Citizenship, and the Greatest Threats to America

Dr. Sebastian Gorka discusses his new book, Why We Fight: Defeating America's Enemies - With No Apologies, America's greatest national security threats,[...]

Poll: Who Should Replace Nikki Haley As Ambassador to the UN?

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley is resigning at the end of the year. Who should Pres. Donald Trump […]

CBC Endorsement Video – Guess Who’s a Conservative Book Club Member?

So guess which conservatives are also members of the Conservative Book Club? Check out this fun video conservative authors, notable[...]

Episode #8: Sebastian Gorka Interview: His Thoughts on Syria, Russia, the Mueller Investigation, and His New Book

Considered one of the most controversial figures in the Trump administration, Dr. Sebastian Gorka holds nothing back in this exclusive[...]

Who Will Trump Fire Next?

The Apprentice is back -- in the West Wing! The past few weeks have seen many WH officials lose their[...]

CNN: Less Popular Than Cartoons! Watch Sebastian Gorka Savaged The Lying Media

"The amount of time you spend in desperation on a topic that has plummeted you to 13th place in viewership[...]

Which News Outlet Has The Most Fake News?

"I'm not going to fall into the trap of us being spin-meisters when CNN has been one of the greatest[...]

Is The Susan Rice Scandal Worse Than Watergate?

"That is weaponizing intelligence for political purposes against your other party. Nixon losing 14 minutes of audiotape, in comparison to[...]

Why Orlando Was Obama’s Fault

"This attack in part was facilitated by the policies of this administration, President Obama and Secretary Clinton, that have allowed[...]

Dr. Sebastian Gorka Endorses The Conservative Book Club!

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of Defeating Jihad, endorses the Conservative Book Club! See the video below!

The Secret to Winning the War on Terror (Interview: Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Renown counterterrorism expert, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, discusses his new book - Defeating Islam: The Winnable War, and reveals how the[...]

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