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Top 10 Weekly Articles April 18-22

Miss any of this week’s CBC content? Check out CBC’s Top 10 Weekly Articles to see the hottest books, funniest cartoons, and more from this week!

1. Meme: Donald Trump Remembers 7-Eleven!

2. Poll Results: Do You Agree With The NC Bathroom Law?

3. Poll: Do You Agree With Trump About The NC Bathroom Law?

4. MOTW: Isaac Woodward (Former John Jay Institute Fellow) by Chris Malagisi

5. Author Interview: Rep. J.C. Watts by Chris Malagisi

6. Sneak Preview: Igniting The American Revolution by Derek Beck

7. Cartoon: Mao On Our Money?

8. Editor’s Pick: The Collapse of Parenting by Dr. Leonard Sax

9. Cartoon: GOP Convention? More Like GOP Contention!

10. New Release: We The People by Juan Williams


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