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Will Milo’s Book Find A New Publisher?

by Bradley Matthews

Milo Yiannopoulos’ “Dangerous” Book Still Alive

Amidst recent scandal, Yiannopoulos vows book will be published in 2017 

WASHINGTON, DC – Despite losing his book deal with Simon & Schuster, his disinvitation as the keynote speaker for CPAC, and announcing his resignation from Breitbart News, Milo Yiannopoulos has promised his book will come out this year as planned under another publisher. These events come after a months-old podcast surfaced where Yiannopoulos made unclear comments that seemingly painted him as a supporter of pedophilia.

At Tuesday’s press conference, Yiannopoulos blamed “sloppy phrasing” and “deceptive” video editing and also admitted that he was the victim of sex abuse as a minor.  Milo Yiannopoulos is a self-proclaimed provocateur who has been at the center of free speech issues on US college campuses. A native of Kent, England, Yiannopoulos’ rise to power started during the Gamergate controversy where he fought against the push for political correctness in the gamer community.

Noticing the issue of free speech on college campuses, specifically when it related to the opinions of conservative leaning students, Yiannopoulos started touring college campuses to speak about the harmful cultures surrounding political correctness, feminism, illegal immigration, and other topics. His appearances were frequently met with protests, including the recent University of Berkeley riots that cancelled his speech there.

Yiannopoulos announced his plans to start a new media organization and will continue to speak on college campuses.


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