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Congress Should Confirm Gorsuch

by Bradley Matthews

Miss any of this week’s CBC content? Check out CBC’s Weekly Roundup to see stuff on SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch and much more!

1. Should Congress Confirm Gorsuch?

2. Gorsuch Is Dunking On Dems

3. “The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia” by Neil Gorsuch

4. “Scalia Dissents” by Kevin Ring

5. Should Trump Defund PBS?

6. “Reagan Rising” by Craig Shirley

7. “Oath of Honor” by Matthew Betley

8. Author Interview with Matthew Betley

9. Are Trump’s Russian Ties Hurting Him?

10. See Who’s Really Undermining Trump?


  1. Kathleen Burns

    Yes, this example of obstructionism IS the reason President Trump was elected to Drain The Swamp. That and Hillary’s pervasive Corruption!

    Judge Gorsuch is eminently qualified. Dems, as usual, are wasting American citizens time and money! There are no real objections to Judge Gorsuch. Just dirty politics again, more, never ending….government needs to work for us.

    March 27, 2017,5:53 pm

  2. Sally

    I believe Congress should suspend all confirmation process until the FBI criminal investigation into the current administration is concluded.

    March 26, 2017,2:32 am

  3. Sharon

    Go Gorsuch

    March 24, 2017,11:40 pm

  4. Sharon

    Get rid of Paul Ryan the RHINO .. he’s killing the conservatives..

    March 24, 2017,11:39 pm

  5. Vera Morlunghi

    Definitely Gorsuch should be confirm asap I understand that he has to be guestioned and to be very careful who will be our new justice. but it’a also that known that he is good person and he would not make decisions by anybody advice but his own, about those Gays they are going little to fare for me I had few gays friends and they were wanderfull people most of them are born with a wrong hormons in wrong body only some in Hollywood they prostitute themselves for a roll in movies but it’s realy too much that man with a penis should go in womens toilets and oposit with peni mens room without penis I the womens room, is that simple? How they come and demand and what has to do with Justice . They should be glad they can be in open. I am sorry for all defect people but some defect people are much worse they are born without legs or arms ecc long line of defects Please to al Gay people be glad who you are but don’t overdo your demands. and to congress its time to put the grudge behind and be good American one for all all for one. with democratic opposition we are loosing to completle different culture if Islam

    March 24, 2017,5:38 pm

  6. Glenna Morrison

    Yes confirm Gorsuch. He is a good person and actually believes in the Constitution. A novel idea in our present government.

    March 24, 2017,4:57 pm

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