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Exclusive Interview With Milo Yiannoupoulos

Right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has risen to national prominence in the past year, trolling liberals everywhere — so much so that liberal college students riot whenever he comes to town. We asked him the secret to being dangerous — and about his bestselling new book, DangerousRead his answers below!

Congratulations Milo on your new book, Dangerous!  Tell us about your new book and what you hope to accomplish with it.  

Dangerous is the story of how I became a dangerous person. Not by threatening anyone or committing crimes, but by speaking truth to power, and promoting free speech on college campuses.

The leftists that control higher education and the mainstream media can’t stand me because I am effective, so they started calling me dangerous, among other things. Like most of the criticism or labels thrown my way, I turned it into a positive description and named my book Dangerous. My goal is simple – to make every American regardless of their age as dangerous to the establishment as I have become.


Who inspires or inspired you to do what you do?  Throughout your book, you quote or cite everyone from Ayn Rand to Ann Coulter, to George Orwell to Lenny Bruce, and to Andrew Breitbart.  What or who motivates you day in and day out?

It is vital to cast a wide net and learn from a broad range of individuals. Some of the people you’ve mentioned from my book, like Orwell and Breitbart, might have taken different paths, but had a consistent goal – fighting against authoritarianism taking away our freedoms. Although I like to study and learn from great thinkers, they don’t motivate me. The reason I wake up every day to fight for western civilization are my fans.

Every day I get emails from an amazingly diverse range of people. I get emails from grandmothers who have seen their grandsons become more confident after listening to my speeches. I hear from women who lost 150 pounds after taking my message to heart. I hear from countless military men and students who for the first time feel they have a media figure taking their side. While I love Ann Coulter as a friend, the people in my email are why I fight, not her.


Why is your book titled, Dangerous?  Are you intimating that you yourself are dangerous, your ideas are dangerous, or both?  If yes, why are they dangerous?

I’m dangerous to the establishment, both on the left and the right. They don’t like free speech, and they don’t like how effective I’ve been at reaching America’s youth, not to mention leading a dissident gay conservative movement. Normal people think terrorists and criminals are dangerous, but to globalists and the mainstream media, free speech is dangerous, which makes me enemy number one.


We know you’re fond of super heroes and villains.  What super hero or villain do relate to the most, or who do you think you are most like?

I usually relate to the villains, they are always cooler in the movies! I’ve been called the supervillain of the Internet, and I guess that is another label I’ve repurposed for myself. There are so many good villains, I’d have trouble picking one. I can see aspects of the Joker in myself, but he has that terrible hair. I’ve often claimed an affinity for Skeletor, the enemy of 80’s hero He-Man, but even I’m not as thin as he is.


You dedicate much of your book addressing the current state of our culture, the university, and the entertainment industry.  At one point, you even discuss Andrew Breitbart’s famous quote, “politics is downstream from culture.”  What do you mean by this, and why do you believe conservatives have been losing the culture war?  

I rarely get into the nitty-gritty of policy and tax discussions, because of Breitbart’s quote. Conservatives tend to win arguments about taxation, while ignoring the fact that conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and I are stopped from speaking at UC Berkeley by threats or outright violence.

I believe that before we worry about policy moves, we need to fight for free speech and a return to American values. That’s what Andrew Breitbart was getting at – too often, we fight the wrong battle. If you only fight politically, you’ve already lost the bigger fight, which is the culture war.


What would be your advice for conservatives and other free speech advocates to educate and mobilize others?  

My motto is “Laughter & War”. The best way to educate and mobilize others isn’t to bore them or lecture them, it is to entertain them while also exposing them to facts the mainstream media doesn’t want them to hear. Most people are fundamentally decent, they are just apathetic or misguided. Free speech advocates must help others understand why free speech is important – it might be your speech that is limited next!


What does the future hold for Milo?  What will you do next?

The sky is the limit for me. In the fall I will resume touring colleges for speaking events, adding in commercial events which fans of all ages can attend. I will immediately start working on a second book as well, probably on Islam. Between the fake news media, campus crybabies, and progressive Silicon Valley, practically anywhere I go presents opportunities to push for free speech, and be dangerous in my unique Milo way.

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