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Episode #4 – In Defense of Adversity: 3 Steps to Conquer Adversity in Your Life (Interview with Motivational Speaker Steve Gavatorta)

Did you know that a Google search of “how to deal with adversity” yields over 21 million returns? Learn the 3 steps to conquering adversity in our exclusive author interview with author, coach, consultant, and motivational speaker, Steve Gavatorta! Steve is the author of In Defense of Adversity: Turning Your Toughest Challenges Into Your Greatest Success, published by Richter Publishing.


  • 2:18 Steve Gavatorta says: children needs to know how to fail.
  • 4:21 Learn how this book came from a Christmas road trip Steve took with his dad to a little coal-mining town.
  • 7:53 Hear the three things Steve wants you to learn from his book!
  • 9:10 Learn about the two parts of your brain – and which part you should be using to deal with stress.
  • 12:43 Hear how the quarterback coach for the Iowa Hawkeyes applies Steve’s principles when working with his players!
  • 14:05 Why is it so hard for people – especially politicians – to own their mistakes? Steve tells us.

OUR GUEST AUTHOR – Steve Gavatorta

  • Gavatorta is the owner of The Steve Gavatorta Group, Inc., and has coached, trained, and developed thousands of high-performance individuals and teams.  He’s worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies in various industries and empowers his clients to identify, develop, and exceed their performance goals.
  • He’s also a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst, a certified Myers-Briggs practitioner, and is accredited to coach and train for Emotional Intelligence (or EQ).
  • And in his spare time, Steve’s an avid traveler, enjoys martial arts, practices yoga, and currently lives in Tampa, FL.

BOOK OVERVIEW – In Defense of Adversity: Turning Your Toughest Challenges into Your Greatest Success

  • Learn ways to leverage adversity, failure, change, and conflict and how they can be catalysts for positive change. Let In Defense of Adversity transform you into who you were born to be. With the help of expert insights, In Defense of Adversity gives you skills and strategies that lay the perfect foundation for grinding through obstacles on your way to reaching your goals.


  • Grab your own copy of In Defense of Adversity HERE!
  • If you’re still not convinced, check out a free sample chapter HERE!
  • Read about Steve Gavatorta HERE!
  • Check out University of Success, one of Steve’s favorite books, and James Allen, one of his favorite authors!


Rocky Bleier, the four-time Super Bowl-winning Pittsburgh Steeler running back, Vietnam War veteran and motivational speaker says:

Trials and tribulations are a part of everyone’s life – from daily annoyances to life-changing events.  Our ability to successfully overcome adversity, in all its shapes and sizes, is the key to living the life we want to live. In Defense of Adversity provides an easy-to-follow program that shows you how to face life’s obstacles in a positive, productive manner.  I highly recommend it.

Barry Alvarez, formerly the winningest football coach ever at University of Wisconsin and currently director of athletics at University of Wisconsin, says:

Highly successful people know how to ‘grind’ in the face of adversity – how to stay persistent and determined despite obstacles. In Defense of Adversity gives readers skills and strategies that lay the perfect foundation for grinding through obstacles on their way to reaching their goals.


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