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Episode #24 – George Gilder Interview: Google Marxism and the End of Privacy

Legendary economist and technological icon George Gilder tells the story of how Google took over the internet, ended our privacy as we know it, and what we can do to reinvent the internet for a new age that respects our privacy and online liberty.


  • 4:42 You never have to swipe a credit card for a Google search or for your Gmail. But you still pay a price for this supposedly “free” world, Gilder says: But there’s a fatal flaw in Google “free” world, Gilder says.
  • 5:57 “Life after Google”? But Google is king, right? Gilder says no. He tells us why Google’s “economy of free” is “essentially fraudulent.”
  • 11:57 Discover the real reason the Internet under Google isn’t safe: the people who built the Internet didn’t think we’d be buying things online. Hear Gilder explain why Google’s model of centralized data is so dangerously insecure!
  • 14:10 Listen to the wonders of the post-Google internet: how the blockchain economy keeps your identity with you, and establishes fact and truth, transactions and trust!
  • 19:45 Gilder tells us why robots won’t steal our jobs and why you shouldn’t be scared of Google’s seeming all-knowing power.

OUR GUEST AUTHOR – George Gilder 

BOOK OVERVIEW – Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy

  • You can say goodbye to today’s Internet, national bestselling author George Gilder says. Soon the current model of aggregated free content populated with obnoxious advertising will die a natural death. Why? Nobody wants to see ads!
  • So what will tomorrow’s Internet look like? In Life After Google, Gilder takes readers on a brilliant, rocketing journey into the very near-future, into an Internet with a new “bitcoin-bitgold” transaction layer that will replace spam with seamless, private, and secure payments and provide an new standard for global money.



Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal says:

Google’s algorithms assume the world’s future is nothing more than the next moment in a random process. George Gilder shows how deep this assumptions goes, what motivates people to make it, and why it’s wrong: the future depends on human action.


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