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John Van Pay

John Van Pay is the lead pastor at Gateway Fellowship Church, which he started in his own living room with […] More about John Van Pay.

Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren is an American commentator and former television news anchor for CNN, Fox News, and NBC News. She […] More about Greta Van Susteren.

J.D. Vance

J.D. Vance grew up in the Rust Belt city of Middletown, Ohio, and the Appalachian town of Jackson, Kentucky. He […] More about J.D. Vance.

Richard Viguerie

Richard Viguerie

Video Endorsement from Richard Viguerie below!   Richard A. Viguerie is an American conservative figure, pioneer of political direct mail and […] More about Richard Viguerie.

Lynn Vincent

Lynn Vincent is the New York Times best-selling writer of 10 nonfiction books with more than 14 million copies in […] More about Lynn Vincent.

Carl von Clausewitz

Carl von Clausewitz

Carl von Clausewitz was a Prussian general and military theorist who stressed the “moral” (in modern terms, psychological) and political aspects […] More about Carl von Clausewitz.

Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig von Mises was a philosopher, Austrian School economist, and sociologist. He became a prominent figure in the Austrian School of […] More about Ludwig von Mises.

Hans von Spakovsky

Hans von Spakovsky is an authority on a wide range of issues – including civil rights, civil justice, the First […] More about Hans von Spakovsky.

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