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Michael D’Antonio

A Pulitzer Prize winning writer of books, articles, and original stories for film, Michael D’Antonio has published more than a dozen […] More about Michael D’Antonio.

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D’Souza

** Exclusive CBC Author Interview with Dinesh D’Souza ** Bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza has had a major influence on American […] More about Dinesh D’Souza.

David G. Dalin

David G. Dalin

David G. Dalin, an American Conservative rabbi and historian, is the author, co-author, or editor of ten books on American […] More about David G. Dalin.

Jim Daly

** Exclusive CBC Author Interview with Jim Daly** Jim Daly is president of Focus on the Family and host of […] More about Jim Daly.

Leo Damore

Leo Damore (1929-1995), a native of Ontario and graduate of Kent State University in Ohio, was a journalist and the […] More about Leo Damore.

Rupert Darwall

Rupert Darwall is strategy consultant and policy analyst. He read economics and history at Cambridge University and subsequently worked in […] More about Rupert Darwall.

Stacey Dash

**Exclusive CBC Author Interview with Stacey Dash** Stacey Dash joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in 2014 and currently serves as […] More about Stacey Dash.

Timothy C. Daughtry

Dr. Daughtry is a former clinical psychologist turned conservative writer and speaker. He is co-author of Waking the Sleeping Giant: […] More about Timothy C. Daughtry.

David Davenport

David Davenport is a research fellow specializing in international law and treaties, constitutional federalism, and American politics and law. Davenport […] More about David Davenport.

Mark Davis

Mark Davis

Mark Davis has become one of the most successful radio talk show hosts in America.  Thirty years hosting shows, with […] More about Mark Davis.

Donald A Davis

Donald A. Davis is the author of more than twenty books, including multiple New York Times bestsellers. More about Donald A Davis.

J.A. Davis

John is the cofounder of 5VS (5 Vital Signs), a start-up committed to saving the lives of wounded American soldiers […] More about J.A. Davis.

Philip De Courcy

Philip De Courcy is the senior pastor of Kindred Community Church in Anaheim Hills, California, and speaker on the daily radio […] More about Philip De Courcy.

Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis-Charles-Henri Clérel de Tocqueville  was a French political thinker and historian best known for his works Democracy in America (appearing […] More about Alexis de Tocqueville.

Ralph de Toledano

Ralph de Toledano

Ralph de Toledano was a major figure in the conservative movement in the United States throughout the second half of […] More about Ralph de Toledano.

Steve Deace

Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated radio host heard each weeknight in top markets across the country from 9 p.m. – […] More about Steve Deace.

Janice Dean

Janice Dean

** Exclusive CBC Author Interview with Janice Dean ** Known as the “Weather Machine,” author Janice Dean has been forecasting the […] More about Janice Dean.

Michael Deaver

Mr. Deaver, a Republican official in Santa Clara County, joined Reagan’s staff in the governor’s office in Sacramento in 1967, […] More about Michael Deaver.

Midge Decter

Midge Decter

Midge Rosenthal Decter is an American journalist and author. A native of St. Paul, she attended the University of Minnesota, […] More about Midge Decter.

Jim De Felice

Jim DeFelice

Jim DeFelice is the author of over fifty books, including numerous best sellers and fourteen that have made the New […] More about Jim DeFelice.

Eddie DeGarmo

Eddie DeGarmo has sold millions of records as an artist in a genre he helped to invent, millions as a […] More about Eddie DeGarmo.

John Del Vecchio

John Del Vecchio is the cofounder and co-manager of The Active Bear ETF, a fund dedicated to shorting individual stocks with […] More about John Del Vecchio.

James Delingpole

James Delingpole

James Delingpole is a libertarian conservative, novelist, journalist, and polemicist. He is one of the most popular bloggers in Britain […] More about James Delingpole.

William Dembski

William Dembski

A mathematician and philosopher, William A. Dembski is Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture and a […] More about William Dembski.


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