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A Time to Speak

Author: Robert Bork
Publisher: Intercollegiate Studies Institute • 2008 • 750 pages
A Time to Speak

The scourge of liberal ideologues both before and after Ronald Reagan nominated him for the Supreme Court in 1987, Robert Bork has for fifty years unwaveringly exposed — and explained — the politicization and adversary activism of our courts, the hypocrisy and dereliction of duty endemic among our nation’s elites, and the consequent degradation of American society. Now, Judge Bork has gathered together his most important articles, essays, and legal opinions in A Time to Speak.

Other books by Judge Bork concentrate on particular issues or topics; this book introduces his fans and other readers to the full scope of his work — and will remain forever the definitive Bork collection. Containing more than sixty vintage Bork contributions on topics ranging from President Nixon to St. Thomas More, from abortion to antitrust policy, and from civil liberties to natural law, “A Time to Speak” also includes an introduction and commentary by the author, plus an appendix of essays by leading scholars on the legacy of Bork’s thought.

A small sampling of the contents of this massive (715-page) collection: Constitutional Law: Gregg v. Georgia (1976)— Brief on the constitutionality of capital punishment) * Their Will Be Done (2005) * The Constitution, Original Intent, and Economic Rights (1986) * The Case Against Political Judging (1989) * The Struggle Over the Role of the Court (1982) * Olympians on the March: The Courts and the Culture Wars (2004) * Reins on Judges: A Long Tradition (2000) * Natural Law and the Constitution (1992) * Constitutional Persons: An Exchange on Abortion (2003) * The Impossibility of Finding Welfare Rights in the Constitution (1979) * The Sanctity of Smut (2002) * Tradition and Morality in Constitutional Law (1984) Antitrust Law: The Crisis in Antitrust (1963) * The Goals of Antitrust Policy (1967) * The Supreme Court Versus Corporate Efficiency (1967) * The Role of the Courts in Applying Economics (1985) * What Antitrust is All About (1998) International Law: The Limits of “International Law” (1989/90) * Whose Constitution Is It, Anyway? (2003) * Having Their Day (in a Military) Court (2001) Politics and Public Policy: Hard Truths About the Culture War (1995) * “Reforming” Foreign Intelligence (1978) * Against the Independent Counsel (1993) * Thomas More for Our Season (1999) * The Necessary Amendment (2004) * Conservatism and the Culture (1999) * Addicted to Health (1996) Frivolities: What Would They Think of the 90s? Agatha Christie (1999) * Ambrosia & Amnesia (1996) * Martini’s Founding Fathers: Original Intent Debatable (2005)

Brimming with profound insights and peppered with biting wit, “A Time to Speak” is an indispensable book for all who have harkened to the truths spoken so forthrightly, in season and out, by this great American original.

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